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j_cdc_2016a_2016-02-18t07:35:00z1 Hearing Summary

Date: 02/18/2016


Grand Junction Regional Center


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07:52 AM -- Grand Junction Regional Center

Ms. Donaldson made some introductory remarks about past committee discussions about the Grand Junction Regional Center (GJRC) and discussed possible action the committee could take related to the future disposition of the campus.

Nikki Hatch, Deputy Director, and Mark Wester, Director of Community Access and Independence, both representing the Department of Human Services, discussed the state's regional centers, with a focus on the GJRC. Committee members received a copy of the department's presentation document, "Response to CDC Questions Regarding the Regional Center Task Force Final Report and Grand Junction Regional Center Options" (Attachment B). Deputy Director Hatch made opening remarks about regional center operations and addressed questions from the committee. Mr. Wester discussed the work of the Regional Center Task Force and responded to a question about why the task force did not make a recommendation about the GJRC. Ms. Hatch also addressed the issue of why the task force did not make a recommendation about the GJRC. Discussion ensued on this topic.

160218 AttachB.pdf160218 AttachB.pdf

08:09 AM

Deputy Director Hatch continued to address questions from the committee. Mr. Wester continued his presentation on page 6 of Attachment B and discussed a GJRC facility assessment completed last year. He responded to questions about some of the options recommended in the facility assessment for the possible disposition of the GJRC. The facility assessment is appended as Attachment C. Mr. Wester presented two options the department is considering related to the GJRC, including: (1) continuing to operate Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) beds in the Grand Junction community and upgrade or develop housing in the region for the current residents of the GJRC; or (2) discontinue the operation of ICF beds in the Grand Junction community and either engage private providers to develop ICF homes in the region or relocate GJRC residents within the regional center system.

160218 AttachC.pdf160218 AttachC.pdf

08:23 AM

Ms. Hatch addressed questions from the committee about the current and projected costs to house GJRC administrative staff. Discussion continued on the options outlined by the department and the residents of the GJRC. In response to a question from the committee, Deputy Director Hatch described the type of guidance the department would like from the legislature regarding the disposition of the GJRC. Discussion ensued about the appraised value of the campus.

08:39 AM

Discussion returned to the options outlined by the department in Attachment B, the role of the Capital Development Committee in making a recommendation about the disposition of the GJRC, and the appraised value of the campus. Deputy Director Hatch responded to questions about the cost to operate the GJRC and various redevelopment options explored through the GJRC facility assessment.

08:47 AM

The committee adjourned.

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