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J_CBAC_2021A 11/19/2021 01:32:05 PM Committee Summary

Date 11/19/2021
Matt Becker X
Georgianna Contiguglia X
Dawn DiPrince X
Karl Kurtz E
Richard Lee X
Eric Mandil X
Cindi Markwell X
Moreno E
Kurt Morrison X
Danielle Oliveto X
Lois Court E
Lontine X
Time 01:32:05 PM to 03:27:04 PM
Place HCR 0112
This Meeting was called to order by Lontine
This Report was prepared by April Bernard
Hearing Items Action Taken
Introductions Committee Discussion Only
Union Soldier Relocation Committee Discussion Only
Maestas Commemoration Display at Capitol Committee Discussion Only
5280 Trail Committee Discussion Only
Update on General Rose Statue Committee Discussion Only
Committee Business Committee Discussion Only

Introductions - Committee Discussion Only

01:32:18 PM  

Representative Lontine made introductions, including introducing a new member Dawn DiPrince.

Union Soldier Relocation - Committee Discussion Only

01:33:07 PM  

Jason Hanson, Chief Creative Officer representing History Colorado, talked about the how the Union Soldier was relocated to the museum.  An exhibit was created, including events leading up to commemoration of the statue, creation and installation of the monument in 1909, and the meaning of the monument today.  The monument was as a point of discussion for the community and museums around the country.

01:39:01 PM  

Greg Dorman, Interim Executive Director representing the Department of Veterans and Military Affairs, talked about moving the plinth and union soldier to the department grounds.

01:40:57 PM  

Chief Officer Hanson and Director Dorman responded to questions from committee members about relocating the monument. The committee discussed the statue as an artifact and a long-term loan, rather than a complete relocation.  The removal of the cannons with the statue and base were included in the discussion.

01:44:47 PM  

The budget for moving the statute, plinthe, and cannons was discussed, $2,500 for the statute and $25,000 for the plinth.  The committee also discussed moving the statue first, with restoration later, if needed.  

01:46:22 PM  

The committee discussed moving the plaques, as well.  Mr. Dorman indicated that the statue will be on a concrete base and exhibited in the same manners as when the statue was on the Capitol grounds.  

01:48:50 PM  

Some committee members discussed their reservations with moving the statue.  A committee member suggested making the decision over several meetings with more discussion and public testimony, including veterans and the tribes.  Mr. Dorman mentioned that veteran feedback was solicited when the statue was moved to History Colorado.

01:51:36 PM  

The committee agreed to table the item until the February meeting so that feedback may be solicited.  Mr. Hanson will create a document with informal feedback from the public while the statue was on exhibit at History Colorado.  Kurt Morrison will work with Mr. Dorman on how best to let the veteran community know that the committee is interested in feedback on the movement of the statue.   History Colorado will work with Catherine Redhorse on feedback from the tribes.  Mr. Dorman will create a proposal in writing for the committee in terms of how the move will take place.

Maestas Commemoration Display at Capitol - Committee Discussion Only

01:57:57 PM  
Senator Simpson and
Judge Martin Gonzales presented information about the Maestas Commemoration
temporary display at the Capitol.  The application for temporary display
was previously provided to the committee (Attachment A).  The request
is related to Senate Joint Resolution 2020-016, Maestas Desegretation Case,
involving a a state court case related to Hispanic desegregation in 1914.
 The case originated from a requirement that Hispanic students attend
a school across town, rather than attending the same school as all residents
of the area.
02:05:47 PM  

Project representatives indicated that the display will include a statue and kiosk, as well as brochures and the joint resolution that was passed in 2020.

02:09:27 PM  

Judge Gonzales talked about the project.

02:10:01 PM  

Dr. Antonio Escobar, representing Sociedad Proteccion Mutua de Trabajadores Unidos (SBMDTU), talked about the project.

02:13:24 PM  

The committee discussed a display of perhaps three months during the session, as well as the location and safety for the exhibit.  Committee members discussed locations with plenty of foot traffic, perhaps the first floor.

02:18:55 PM  

A location that includes power for the kiosk was requested by Maestas Project representatives, as well as a request to show the display during the April 17, 2021 anniversary of the court decision.  Representatives also indicated that they will handle liability issues and funding, as well as moving and installing the exhibit.  A member indicated that the Governor's office must approve first floor displays.  Danielle Oliveto's participation in the committee fulfills the approval.

02:24:02 PM  

The committee asked that the temporary display follow the guidelines laid out in the criteria and procedures document for the committee.  The chair asked that the link for the video be emailed to members for viewing, since the committee was unable to view the document at the meeting.

02:26:33 PM  

Committee members agreed to review the video individually.  Committee staff will send an email to members asking members to indicate if the the temporary display should be allowed.  The email will include possible locations for the display.  The committee agreed that the display will begin in March 2021 if approved.

5280 Trail - Committee Discussion Only

02:30:41 PM  
Councilman Chris
Hinds, representing District 10 for the City and County of Denver, talked
about the 5280 Trail.  Councilman Hinds indicated that the trail is
a 5.28 mile loop around the city for pedestrians and bikes.  He shared
the vision of the project: to convert select streets for pedestrian and
bike use, connect neighborhoods, and provide for safe travel around the
city.  Councilman Hinds indicated that the State Capitol is included
on the trail, along with Coors Field and multiple parks.  He shared
that the Downtown Denver Partnership created the $7 million project that
will be funded by a bond package approved by voters to provide for a full
build out of the trail on Acoma between 10th and 12th Avenues.

02:37:03 PM  
 Andrew Iltis,
representing the Downtown Denver Partnership, provided additional information
about the history and vision of the project.  Mr. Iltis provided a
presentation about the project timeline and how the project proposes to
change the community (Attachment B).

02:42:43 PM  

Mr. Iltis said that the trail is meant to connect culture, monuments, and parks and discussed how the Capitol is integrated into the trail.  Hi stated that signage and stencils will be installed nearby.  Mr. Iltis also talked about use of the parking circle for additional purposes.  He stated that $160 million total is needed for the project, with $8.25 million committed thus far.

02:48:54 PM  

There was a discussion about the target audience for the trail, as well as use of the west side of the Capitol for protests and gatherings.  Several committee members talked about this use perhaps not being compatible with pedestrians and bicyclists. The members suggested the possibility of moving the trail to the east side of the Capitol.

02:51:26 PM  

There was a discussion about the master plan and parking, especially the eventual recommendation to remove parking, as well as signage.

Update on General Rose Statue - Committee Discussion Only

03:01:42 PM  

Paul Shaman, representing the General Maurice Rose statue project, provided an update.  Mr. Shaman stated that the project has raised over $500,000 and is working on raising the final $200,000 for the pathway and maintenance.  He shared that sculptor George Lundeen is making progress on creating the statue.  Mr. Shaman stated that soil tests were completed.  He shared the goal of unveiling the statue on Colorado Day, August 1, 2022.  Dawn DiPrince indicated that History Colorado will work with Mr. Shaman on a Colorado Day celebration.  Mr. Shamon indicated that verbiage and graphics for the monument will be available for the committee review at the February meeting, as well as the QR code and education components related to the statue.

03:09:01 PM  
Seth Rosenman, architect
for the project, provided additional updates on the General Maurice Rose
statue.  He provided a presentation (Attachment C).  Mr. Rosenman
discussed the ground plan, statue access, and pedestal.  He shared
that the path to the statue will consist of sandstone and concrete pavers
and a thermal gray granite for the statue base.

03:15:21 PM  

Mr. Rosenman proposed that the statue face northeast, toward the Capitol, with a red sandstone pedestal.  There was discussion about text and emblem size, as well as materials, on the statue plaque.

03:21:26 PM  

Richard Lee suggested that walkways between the statues be similar.  

Committee Business - Committee Discussion Only

03:25:48 PM  

Chair Lontine provided an update on fundraising related to the Biden portrait.  Committee staff will send a link and physical address related to fundraising.  Chair Lontine shared the $15,000 goal for fundraising.

03:27:04 PM   The committee adjourned.

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