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J_CBAC_2021A 02/19/2021 01:35:55 PM Committee Summary

Date 02/19/2021
Matt Becker X
Georgianna Contiguglia X
Karl Kurtz *
Richard Lee X
Cindi Markwell X
Kurt Morrison X
Danielle Oliveto X
Gary Petri X
Darin Raaf *
Steve Turner E
Moreno *
Lontine X
Time 01:35:55 PM to 02:29:18 PM
Place Old Supreme Court
This Meeting was called to order by Lontine
This Report was prepared by April Bernard
Hearing Items Action Taken
Visitor Services and Gift Shop Updates Committee Discussion Only
Update on Sand Creek Memorial Artwork Committee Discussion Only
Sub-basement Storage Room Project Committee Discussion Only

Visitor Services and Gift Shop Updates - Committee Discussion Only

01:37:00 PM  

The chair made introductory remarks and indicated that the committee would start with the Visitor Services agenda item.

01:39:52 PM  

The committee took a recess.

01:40:41 PM  

The committee came back to order.

01:40:52 PM  

Amanda Robinson, representing Visitor Services within Legislative Council Staff, presented two tote bag designs for gift shop sales.  Ms. Robinson answered questions about the tote bag designs (Attachment A), including women's gold and an architecturual sketch of the dome.  There was discussion about printing on both sides of the bag, including cost.

01:48:29 PM  
The committee took a brief recess.
01:48:39 PM  
The committee came back to order.
01:57:44 PM  

Committee members asked questions and made comments about the tote bag.  Visitor Services Staff preferred two different designs on each side of the bag, due to cost.  The committee discussed adding more tote bag designs at a later date.

02:00:15 PM  

There was no objection to using the women's gold design on the one-side of the tote bag.

02:01:36 PM  

Ms. Robinson provided information about the Colorado Governor portraits and QR codes, (Attachment A).  A sample QR code was illustrated under the tote bag designs.  There was a discussion about two standalone signs with governor portrait information, QR codes, and a map of portrait locations within the Capitol.  The QR codes link to the State Archives website, providing information about Colorado Governors.  Ms. Robinson responded to questions.  There was a discussion about visual and hearing impaired visitors.  The signs should be complete in late March 2021.

Update on Sand Creek Memorial Artwork - Committee Discussion Only

02:10:38 PM  

Harvey Pratt, the artist creating the Sand Creek Memorial, provided an update.  He described the statue and the pedestal.  He indicated that there was an interest from the Native American Tribes to include other figures.

02:14:38 PM  

Jeanette Chapman, representing Legislative Council Staff and CBAC staff analyst, emailed pictures of the statute to committee members (Attachment B).  There was a discussion about placement of the statue in the current footprint.

02:19:54 PM  

Katherine Redhorse, representing the Colorado Commission on Indian Affairs, responded to questions about the statue and provided additional information.  The committee made comments about the statue.

Sub-basement Storage Room Project - Committee Discussion Only

02:23:28 PM  

Lance Shepherd, representing the Department of Personnel and Administration, discussed his proposed effort to document items in the sub-basement storage room.  He brought a sample box of artifacts related to the Capitol that should be documented and identified.

02:25:09 PM  

Ms. Chapman informed the committee that History Colorado will assist with the project.  A meeting will most likely be scheduled to organize the project, including cost estimates.  The committee discussed the project.

02:27:12 PM  
In addition to documenting
and cataloguing items, committee members suggested that the project should
restore artifacts.  Work may include staff assistance to find and
catalog all items.  Mr. Lee stated he is in contact with a person
who wants to provide wall sconces from a 1950s remodel of the Capitol.

02:29:18 PM   The committee adjourned.

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