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i_wrrc_2016a_2016-08-16t09:59:09z9 Hearing Summary

Date: 08/16/2016


Bill Drafting Process for Interim Committees


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03:36 PM -- Bill Drafting Process for Interim Committees

Tom Morris, Managing Senior Attorney for the Office of Legislative Legal Services, explained that the General Assembly adopted House Joint Resolution 16-1024 that changed the bill request process for interim committees.

03:37 PM

Jennifer Berman, Staff Attorney for the Office of Legislative Legal Services, discussed the requirement for the Water Resources Review Committee (WRRC) to recommend draft legislation to the Legislative Council (Attachment K). She explained that each bill recommended by the WRRC must be approved by a two-thirds vote of the committee members, or at least seven members. The Executive Committee of the Legislative Council's guidelines for interim committees require that at least a majority of the committee membership approve a bill in concept prior to requesting a bill draft. Requests for draft bills must occur during a single committee meeting set for requesting legislation. Bill requests must be made at least 35 days before the final meeting to allow sufficient time for drafting, the preparation of a fiscal note, and final consideration by the committee. Pursuant to Joint Rule 24 (b)(1)(E), committee members must make drafting information available at the meeting at which the members request bills or must submit such information to the bill drafter within three calendar days of the meeting. Failure to submit the drafting information prior to the deadline will be deemed as a withdrawal of the bill request. Ms. Berman explained that the deadlines to provide drafting information for approved bill to bill drafters is August 19. The deadline to finalize bill requests is September 6. On Tuesday, September 20, the WRRC will vote on final recommendations to Legislative Council. Legislative Council will meet on Friday, October 14 to consider bills recommended by interim committees.

Attachment K.pdfAttachment K.pdf

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