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Date: 08/31/2016


Presentation from CDOT on RoadX Implementation


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10:18 AM -- Presentation from CDOT on RoadX Implementation

Senator Randy Baumgardner, chair, called the committee to order. Amy Ford, Director of Communications for the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT); Ryan Rice, Director of Division of Transportation Systems Management and Operations, CDOT; and Peter Kozinski, Director of the RoadX Program, CDOT, presented CDOT's plan to use innovative technologies to improve the statewide transportation system. Ms. Ford began the presentation by providing an overview of CDOT and the RoadX program (Attachment A). Mr. Rice discussed connected vehicles and automated vehicles, and why CDOT is focusing on technology. Mr. Kozinski discussed specifics of the RoadX mission and the public input CDOT has received. The RoadX mission includes five areas: commuting, sustainability, transport, safety, and connection. He discussed Smart 25, the department's software and traffic sensor upgrade. He responded to questions from Rep. Mitsch Bush about the Australia experiment with a similar program and its impact. He responded to a question from Rep. Winter about the highway selection criteria for rolling out this program between Ridgegate and University on I-25, which included good fiber optic connectivity and lack of future construction on that stretch. Representative Esgar asked a question about the poll CDOT conducted. It was a statewide poll, and the presenters will provide details to TLRC members. He continued on with the discussion of the smart truck parking program which reports available parking to truckers with the goal of saving fuel, and mitigating road wear and pollution; and the smart pavement striping improvements, like LED lights in hard-to-see areas.

Attachment A - CDOT RoadX.pdfAttachment A - CDOT RoadX.pdf

10:40 AM

The presenters responded to questions about RoadX implementation in rural areas. Mr. Kozinski discussed the Smart 70 program, which is a partnership with an international mapping firm, HERE, to provide drivers with real-time data while traveling. The presenters responded to questions about the details of the program. Representative Carver requested information about datasets, driving patterns, speeds specific to the cars individually; what is aggregated; and anything that identifies specific cars by vehicle identification number (VIN); and also who would have access to that data and under what circumstances. The presenters provided a brief overview of the data that will be collected and its use. Representative Mitsch Bush asked the presenters to clarify accident data information. Senator Scott asked if any part of the RoadX program was designed to look at sub-surface technology, as in how the roads were built. Mr. Kozinski discussed the monitoring technology available. He also clarified that the budget allocation is urban and rural.

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