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Date: 07/11/2017

Location: RM 271


Task Force Member Introductions


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10:12 AM -- Task Force Member Introductions

Senator Cheri Jahn, Senate District 20 in Jefferson County, introduced herself and her interest in the area of sales and use taxes. Senator Jahn spoke about her legislative work trying to address the complexity of the state's sales and use tax system since 2001. She also spoke her experience as a small business owner.

Tracy Hines, Sales Tax Administrator for Larimer County, introduced herself. Ms. Hines spoke about her work in the area of sales and use taxes for 16 years.

Brendon Reese, Deputy Director of Tax Policy and Legal Analysis for the Colorado Department of Revenue, introduced himself. Mr. Reese spoke about his prior experience working for the Attorney General's Office representing the Colorado Department of Revenue in sales and income tax litigation.

Neil Pomerantz, Partner at Silverstein & Pomerantz LLP, introduced himself. Mr. Pomerantz spoke about his work as a tax attorney in the area of state and local tax for 20 years and the work of his law firm representing clients in disputes with the state of Colorado or with local taxing jurisdictions.

Dianne Criswell, Legislative and Policy Advocate at the Colorado Municipal League, introduced herself. Ms. Criswell spoke about the importance of sales and use taxes for municipalities. According to Ms. Criswell, approximately 70 percent of municipalities' tax receipts are generated through sales taxes. Ms. Criswell spoke about her background in state and local excise and property taxes.

Kristin Baumgartner, Assistant City Manager and Finance Director for the City of Lone Tree, introduced herself. Ms. Baumgartner is representing the medium sized municipal population category on the task force. Ms. Baumgartner spoke about her experience with taxation issues for municipal governments. Ms. Baumgartner spoke about the importance Lone Tree's business friendly environment along with the importance of maintaining Lone Tree's revenue base and being able to provide services to residents.

Steve Ellington, Treasurer for the City and County of Denver, introduced himself. Mr. Ellington is representing the largest sized municipal category on the task force. Mr. Ellington spoke about his work in state and local taxation issues for 29 years. Mr. Ellington spoke about finding opportunities to partner with the business community to find ways to make the sales and use tax collection process easier for them to administer while safeguarding the city's revenues so needed services can continue to be provided.

Bryan Archer, Finance Director for the City of Arvada, introduced himself. Mr. Archer is representing the large sized municipal category on the task force. Mr. Archer spoke about his experience in local government for 20 years.

Heather Pezzella, Revenue Services Administrator for the Town of Breckenridge, introduced herself. Ms. Pezzella is representing the small sized municipal category on the task force. Ms. Pezzella spoke about her experience in accounting, including internal audits and taxation. Ms. Pezzella spoke about the work in Breckenridge to participate in the standard definition project.

Bruce Nelson, certified public accountant and head of the state and local tax group at EKS&H, introduced himself. Mr. Nelson spoke about his work in state and local tax for over 30 years, including past work as an auditor for the Colorado Department of Revenue. Mr. Nelson spoke about the difficulties with the current sales and use tax system for both the business community and the cities.