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I_PensionRevewSubComm_2022A 07/21/2022 10:07:28 AM Committee Summary

Date 07/21/2022
Gary Arnold E
Michael Johnson X
Jim Mantele X
Carole Partin X
Priola E
Trey Rogers X
Patrick Roybal X
Joshua Sharf X
Lang Sias X
Jack Tate X
Will X
Earl Wright X
Bird X
Kolker X
Time 10:07:28 AM to 11:14:46 AM
Place HCR 0112
This Meeting was called to order by Kolker
This Report was prepared by Anne Wallace
Hearing Items Action Taken
Review of Subcommittee Charge Committee Discussion Only
Subcommittee Discussion of PERA Committee Discussion Only

10:07:39 AM
Senator Kolker, Chair,
called the meeting to order and gave opening remarks.

Review of Subcommittee Charge - Committee Discussion Only

10:08:10 AM  
Anne Wallace, Legislative
Council Staff, presented regarding the charge and requirements of the Pension
Review Subcommittee.  Ms. Wallace and Senator Kolker responded to
committee questions.

Subcommittee Discussion of PERA - Committee Discussion Only

10:21:59 AM  
Committee members
discussed the Public Employees' Retirement Association (PERA).  Members
discussed inflation's impact on PERA benefits and modeling those impacts,
PERA cost-of-living adjustments, and legislation and recommendations from
the Pension Review Subcommittee in 2021.  

10:52:28 AM  
The committee continued
discussion of various aspects of PERA, including PERA health insurance
and the impact of House Bill 22-1029 on PERA's funding projections. Committee
discussion ensued regarding HB 22-1029.
11:13:28 AM  
The committee reviewed
their questions and comments for PERA's response. Senator Kolker discussed
the committee's meeting schedule and responded to questions about future

11:14:46 AM   The committee adjourned.

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