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H_SA_2021A 04/19/2021 01:32:31 PM Committee Summary

Date 04/19/2021
Amabile X
Bacon X
Bernett X
Bockenfeld X
Duran X
Hanks X
Neville X
Valdez A. E
Williams X
Woodrow X
Kennedy X
Time 01:32:31 PM to 02:45:48 PM
Place LSB A
This Meeting was called to order by Kennedy
This Report was prepared by Ryan Dudley
Hearing Items Action Taken
HB21-1175 Committee Discussion Only

01:32:33 PM
Representative Williams, bill sponsor, presented House Bill 21-1175. The bill allows individuals to donate time or money in lieu of paying a traffic fine and surcharge.

HB21-1175 - Committee Discussion Only

01:37:38 PM  
Members of the committee asked questions to the bill sponsor.
01:56:59 PM  
Judge Christopher
Randall, representing the Colorado Municipal Judges Association and Meghan
MacKillop, representing the Colorado Municipal League, testified in opposition
to the bill.  Members of the committee asked questions to Judge Randall
and Ms. MacKillop.  
02:07:28 PM  
Dedrick Sims and
Marijane Jobe, both representing the Sims- Fayola Foundation, and Riya
Shrestha, representing herself, testified in support of the bill.
02:27:17 PM  
Representative Williams
introduced amendments L.001 (Attachment A) and L.003 (Attachment B). The
committee discussed the amendments.
02:36:52 PM  
After a brief recess,
the chair laid the bill over until April 26.

02:45:48 PM   The committee adjourned.

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