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H_RAA_2019A 03/07/2019 10:37:20 AM Committee Summary

Date 03/07/2019
Arndt X
Buck X
Buentello *
Catlin *
Lewis X
McCluskie X
McLachlan X
Pelton X
Titone X
Valdez D. X
Roberts X
X = Present, E = Excused, A = Absent, * = Present after roll call
Time 10:37:20 AM to 11:44:08 AM
Place HCR 0107
This Meeting was called to order by Representative Roberts
This Report was prepared by Jimmy Reed
Hearing Items Action Taken
Colorado State Forest Service Presentation Committee Discussion Only

10:37:21 AM
Representative Roberts called the meeting to order.

Colorado State Forest Service Presentation - Committee Discussion Only

10:37:43 AM  

Mike Lester, Director of the Colorado State Forest Service, came to the table to give a presentation on the Health of Colorado's Forests.  A copy of his presentation was distributed [Attachments A].

10:38:38 AM  

Mr. Lester discussed insects and disease activity, temperature trends, community protection plans, wildfires and the urban wild land interface, fire suppression, and what the Forest Service is doing to be more effective and proactive.  Mr. Lester responded to committee questions.  Molly Pitts, Executive Director of the Colorado Timber Industry Association, came to the table to respond to committee questions.  

10:57:16 AM  

Jacque Buchanan, Deputy Regional Forester, came to the table to update the committee on the national forests and grasslands in Colorado.  A handout was distributed [Attachment B].  

11:05:27 AM  

Ms. Buchanan, discussed economic benefits, forest health, shared stewardship, capitalizing on the authorities created by past legislation, timber harvesting, and responded to committee questions.

11:17:06 AM  

Ms.Pitts, Chris Treese, representing Club 20, and Chris Howell, Colorado Springs Utilities, came to the table to discuss Colorado Forest and Water Alliance.  The panel discussed the communities, statement of purpose, membership, core beliefs, criteria, and 2019 priorities.

11:44:08 AM   The committee adjourned.

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