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H_ENE_2019A 02/28/2019 12:53:26 PM Committee Summary

Date 02/28/2019
Froelich X
Geitner X
Kipp X
Landgraf *
Lewis X
Liston *
Sirota X
Valdez A. *
Weissman *
Hooton *
Jackson X
X = Present, E = Excused, A = Absent, * = Present after roll call
Time 12:53:26 PM to 02:03:10 PM
Place HCR 0112
This Meeting was called to order by Representative Jackson
This Report was prepared by Andrea Denka
Hearing Items Action Taken
HB19-1163 Postponed Indefinitely

HB19-1163 - Postponed Indefinitely

12:54:51 PM  
Representative Carver, prime sponsor, presented
House Bill 19-1163 to the committee.  This bill makes changes to state
law related to the adoption of rules by state agencies that impact small
01:05:21 PM  
Representative Jackson put the committee
in recess.
01:13:51 PM  
Representative Jackson called the meeting
back in order, and Representative Carver responded to questions from the
01:25:14 PM  
Amelia Myers, representing Conservation Colorado, testified against the bill.
01:28:15 PM  
Ronnie Hines, representing the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies, testified against the bill.
01:30:40 PM  
Jean Robinson, legislative liaison for
the Colorado Department of Revenue, testified against the bill.
01:33:42 PM  
Ms. Robinson responded to questions from the committee.
01:34:52 PM  
Kiersten Forseth, representing the Colorado
American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations,
AFL-CIO, testified against the bill.
01:37:21 PM  
Nicolas Colglazier, representing the Colorado
Competitive Council, testified in favor of the bill.
01:39:41 PM  
Tony Gagliardi, representing the National
Federation of Independent Business, testified in favor of the bill.
01:42:58 PM  
Mr. Colglazier and Mr. Gagliardi responded
to questions from the committee.
01:50:07 PM  
Committee discussion ensued.

02:01:35 PM
Motion Refer House Bill 19-1163 to the Committee on Finance.
Moved Landgraf
Seconded Liston
Froelich No
Geitner Yes
Kipp No
Landgraf Yes
Lewis Yes
Liston Yes
Sirota No
Valdez A. No
Weissman No
Hooton No
Jackson No
YES: 4   NO: 7   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  FAIL

02:03:00 PM
Motion Postpone House Bill 19-1163 indefinitely.
Moved Weissman
Seconded Valdez A.
Froelich Yes
Geitner Excused
Kipp Yes
Landgraf No
Lewis No
Liston No
Sirota Yes
Valdez A. Yes
Weissman Yes
Hooton Yes
Jackson Yes
Final YES: 7   NO: 3   EXC: 1   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS

02:03:10 PM   The committee adjourned.

The effective date for bills enacted without a safety clause is August 7, 2024, if the General Assembly adjourns sine die on May 8, 2024, unless otherwise specified. Details