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Date Mar 17, 2021      
Location LSB A

HB21-1082 - Postponed Indefinitely

01:47:13 PM  
Minority Leader McKean,
sponsor, presented House Bill 21-1082. Conditional upon federal government
approval, the bill allows individuals to purchase a firearm without a background
check when they have a concealed handgun permit.
01:49:20 PM  
Members of the committee asked questions to the bill sponsor.
01:51:28 PM  
Tom Mauser, representing Colorado Ceasefire, testified in opposition to the bill.
01:55:56 PM  
Lesley Hollywood, representing
Rally for our Rights; Nephi Cole, representing the National Shooting Sports
Foundation; and Ronald Dietz, representing himself, testified in support
of the bill.
02:06:34 PM  
Robert Edmiston, representing The Firearms Coalition of Colorado, testified in support of the bill.
02:10:20 PM  
Mary Parker, representing herself, testified in opposition to the bill.
02:13:59 PM  
Representative Williams introduced amendment L.003 (Attachment A). The bill sponsor and the committee discussed the amendment.

02:20:30 PM
Motion Adopt amendment L.003
Moved Williams
Seconded Neville
Amabile No
Bacon No
Bernett No
Bockenfeld Yes
Duran No
Hanks Yes
Neville Yes
Valdez A. No
Williams Yes
Woodrow No
Kennedy No
YES: 4   NO: 7   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  FAIL
02:20:31 PM  
Minority Leader McKean offered closing remarks to House Bill 21-1082, The committee chair offered closing remarks to the bill.
02:25:23 PM  
A motion to move
House Bill 21-1082 to the Committee on Finance did not receive a second,
so the motion failed.

02:26:29 PM
Motion Postpone House Bill 21-1082 indefinitely.
Moved Woodrow
Seconded Duran
Amabile Yes
Bacon Yes
Bernett Yes
Bockenfeld No
Duran Yes
Hanks No
Neville No
Valdez A. Yes
Williams No
Woodrow Yes
Kennedy Yes
Final YES: 7   NO: 4   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS