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Date Dec 12, 2018      
Location SCR 357

Department of Human Services - Committee Discussion Only

02:52:22 PM  

Mr. Tony Gherardini, Deputy Director of Operations, and Ms. Sarah Wager, Director of the Office of Administrative Solutions, presented the mission, values, and vision of the Department of Human Services. Committee members received a packet of accompanying slides (Attachment H).  Mr. Gherardini presented on the current state of department facilities. Representative Beckman asked a question about service provisions.

03:08:16 PM  

Representative-Elect A. Valdez asked about plans for closed facilities. Senator Kefalas provided information and Chair Roberts asked a question. Mr. Gherardini introduced the Department's requests for FY 2019-20, beginning with Facility Refurbishment for Safety, Risk Mitigation, and Modernization, DYS. Senator Fields and Representative-Elect A. Valdez asked clarifying questions about implementation strategies. Ms. Wager described the request for Upgrade Campus Utility Infrastructure, Colorado Mental Health Institute (CMHI) at Pueblo (Capital Renewal).

03:18:20 PM  

Ms. Wager introduced the request for Upgrade Campus Utility Infrastructure, CMHI at Fort Logan (Capital Renewal). Representative Beckman expressed concern about outdated buildings on campuses requesting infrastructure upgrades and asked about master planning. Ms. Wager reiterated the safety concerns related to damaged infrastructure. Chair Roberts asked for clarification about an unused building on the Fort Logan campus. Ms. Wager described the request for the Department-Wide Facility Master Plan and its methodology. She specified the impact on vacant buildings. The cash funds for this request come from the sale of part of the Fort Logan campus to the U.S. Veterans Administration. Representative Beckman asked about the prioritization of this cash-funded request. Ms. Donaldson clarified how cash-funded requests are presented and addressed. Ms. Wager described changing mental health needs, in particular in the Denver metropolitan area, and strategies for addressing those needs.

03:27:48 PM  

Mr. Gherardini described the processes for court referrals for inpatient competency restoration and challenges for implementation. Representative Beckman asked about the impact of such court referrals and a departmental space deficit on the courts and jails. Chair Roberts asked about public defender practices.  Representative Beckman asked about the relationship between determinations of incompetency and substance abuse. A discussion ensued.  Mr. Gherardini and Ms. Wager responded to these questions.

03:38:12 PM  

Mr. Gherardini described legislative strategies, including FY 2019-20 budget requests. Mr. Gherardini responded to clarifying questions from the committee. A discussion ensued on the provision of services at the Ridgeview facility. Representative Beckman asked about the fiscal impact of private contractors. Senator Kefalas asked about collaboration with the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing related to mental health and criminal justice.

03:51:50 PM  

Dr. Robert Werthwein, Director of the Office of Behavioral Health, joined the discussion. Dr. Werthwein, Mr. Gherardini, and Ms. Wager responded to questions from the committee. Mr. Gherardini presented the request for F2 and F3 Cottage Renovation at CMHI at Fort Logan, as well as the Secure Treatment Facility for Restorations at Ridge View Property project. Senator Fields expressed concern about legislation needed to change the focus of the facility and about the impact on the facility's current population.  Mr. Gherardini responded to questions from the committee.

04:07:28 PM  

Ms. Wager presented the request for Suicide Risk Mitigation, describing risks identified by The Joint Commission. Ms. Donaldson clarified the Legislative Council Staff's estimation of outyear costs. Ms. Wager described the request for Capital Improvements at Regional Centers. Ms. Wager described the controlled maintenance requests for FY 2019-20.

04:16:42 PM  
Ms. Wager provided updates on current activities funded by the Capital Development Committee: the Grand Junction Regional Center Move and the Office of Community Access and Independence (Fitzsimons and Homelake Veterans Community Living Centers). Ms. Wager responded to questions and comments from the committee.

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