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Date Jul 30, 2019      
Location Old State Library

Medication Disposal and Syringe Access - Committee Discussion Only

01:43:40 PM  

Greg Fabisiak, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), discussed medication collection.  He noted that as of June 2018, 4,700 pounds of medication have been collected statewide.

01:50:05 PM  

The committee discussed logistics and cost related to building a medication waste incinerator in Colorado, and the cost to ship drugs elsewhere with Mr. Fabisiak.

01:54:33 PM  

Samantha Bourdon, Colorado Syringe Access Providers Coalition, provided a handout to the committee and discussed SAPs (Attachment G). She noted that SAPs are the often to the first point of contact for an individual with SUD, and can connect these individuals to services.

01:57:05 PM  

Ms. Bourdon discussed the recommendation to create a pilot supervised injection use site in Denver and research around these sites' positive outcomes.

01:59:02 PM  

Ms. Bourdon discussed a recommendation to remove the requirement that local Boards of Health approve SAPs.  Discussion ensued.

02:02:33 PM  

In response to a question, Ms. Bourdon explained that syringes are often only available from pharmacies or SAPs.  She discussed the lack of Medicaid coverage for SAP clients for inpatient SUD treatment.  Senator Pettersen noted that the committee will discuss a related Medicaid waiver at the next committee meeting.

02:08:41 PM  

Ms. Bourdon discussed development of an integrated state harm reduction plan that is inclusive of infectious diseases in the context of the opioid problem to allow for a significant public health impact.

02:18:17 PM  

Lisa Raville, Harm Reduction Action Center, discussed supervised drug injection use sites.  Ms. Raville noted that multiple stakeholders have recommended the creation of a supervised injection use site in Colorado.  She discussed the research in support of supervised injection use sites, including possible health care cost savings.

02:21:30 PM  

Ms. Raville continued to discuss supervised drug injection use sites.  She noted that legislation authorizing these sites would need to allow for community input and local control.  Committee discussion ensued.

02:37:08 PM  

Ms. Raville responded to committee questions regarding the legal framework and location for a supervised injection use site pilot program and data on utilization of the sites in other countries.