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DD962536CBC629088725883A005073EB Hearing Summary


Date May 6, 2022      
Location SCR 357

Consideration of Senate Bill 22-239 under Senate Rule 42 - Favorably recommend SB 22-239

08:38:48 AM  
The committee was
called to order.  A quorum was present.  Senator Moreno, prime
sponsor, presented Senate Bill 22-239. The bill authorizes and diverts
funding for capital projects in the Capitol Complex. The bill was presented
to the committee pursuant to Senate Rule 42, which requires bills dealing
with capital construction, controlled maintenance, or capital assets to
be routed to the CDC for advisory recommendations to the bill's assigned
committee of reference.  Senator Moreno explained the effect of the
bill and discussed its need.  He also discussed some ideas from earlier
iterations of the bill in draft form, including financing for projects
to be constructed under the bill.  Tobin Follenweider, Deputy Executive
Director, Department of Personnel and Administration (DPA), Rick Lee,Division
Director for the DPA Division of Capital Assets, and Cheri Gerou, State
Architect gave a presentation about the capital projects to be undertaken
pursuant to the bill.  The presentation is included as Attachment
A.  Mr. Follenweider provided an overview of the projects and the
need to undertake them.  Ms. Gerou provided additional input on these
issues.  Mr. Lee provided detail on improvements to be made to Capitol
Complex buildings under the project.  Ms. Gerou discussed the interplay
between the bill and Capitol Complex Master Plan.  Mr. Follenweider
discussed projects funded from the Capitol Complex Master Plan Implementation
09:04:01 AM  
Mr. Follenweider
responded to questions regarding the revenue sources for the capital construction
projects undertaken pursuant to Senate Bill 22-239.  Discussion ensued
regarding the late introduction of the bill.  Discussion followed
regarding the merits of the legislation and the projects to be undertaken
pursuant to it.  Discussion returned to the funding source for the
projects.  Megan Davisson, Office of State Planning and Budgeting,
provided input on this funding source.  Matt Bishop, Legislative Council
Staff, provided further input on this issue.  Mr. Lee and Ms. Gerou
responded to questions regarding asbestos mitigation under the project.
 Mr. Follenweider responded to the timeline for the projects to be
undertaken under the bill.

09:24:29 AM
Motion Recommend support for Senate Bill 22-239
Moved Hooton
Fields Yes
Simpson Yes
Valdez D. Yes
Will Yes
Hooton Yes
Story Yes
YES: 6   NO: 0   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS

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