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Date Aug 24, 2022      
Location HCR 0112

Colorado Airborne Snowpack Measurement Program - Committee Discussion Only

05:19:02 PM  

Jeff Deems, Airborne Snow Observatories, Inc. (ASO), introduced the presentation. He showed images of snow depth that were collected during one of their flights. He spoke about how relying on history is not a great tool for planning for the future.

05:22:53 PM  
Mr. Deems discussed the ability for their images to map the snow water equivalent in existing snowpack and how it can improve river flow forecasting.
05:24:39 PM  
Mr. Deems told the committee about the need for this to be a sustained program and the need for reoccurring funding.
05:26:29 PM  

Taylor Winchell, Denver Water, introduced his presentation. He spoke about how the Colorado Airborne Snow Measurement (CASM) program originated. He discussed the challenges in measuring the snowpack and how ASO can provide the most accurate measurement of snow water equivalent compared to all existing technologies. He told the committee about how the program is currently working in California.

05:32:11 PM  
Mr. Winchell discussed the potential CASM path forward and the recent Water Plan grant that the program received. He spoke about the next steps for the program, including the need for state support to create long-term sustainable funding.
05:36:02 PM  

Ken Curtis, Dolores Water Conservancy District, introduced his presentation. He spoke about the challenges in his district and how real time data can support better runoff forecasts.

05:41:09 PM  
The panelists answered questions about the costs of the flights.
05:44:37 PM  
The panelists continued to ask questions about the costs of the program and where funds could come from.
05:50:47 PM  

The committee continued to discuss the costs of this program.

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