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Date Sep 24, 2021      
Location Old State Library

Working Across the Pillars: Gaps in Care, Care Coordination, Accountability, and Workforce - Committee Discussion Only

09:46:31 AM  

Dr. Tracy Johnson, Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF), introduced the presentation. She discussed the need for a variety of integrated care models to work for different populations. She spoke about the research behind integrated care and depression treatment, and the savings associated with successful integrated care.

09:53:40 AM  

Caitlin Westerson, HCPF, discussed the Colorado State Innovation Model (SIM) project. She outlined the pillars of the SIM project which are aimed at increasing access to integrated care. She spoke about different activities associated with the pillars in the SIM project and the next phase of practice transformation and integrated care.

09:59:55 AM  

Ms. Westerson told the task force about opportunities that could be pursued to put integrated care into practice.

10:02:01 AM  

The task force members asked about the access to this type of care in rural areas and ensuring that it is available to the next generation. Dr. Johnson talked about quality metrics and different health screenings that are provided in hospitals. Ms. Westerson spoke about the funding and payment models that are needed to provide services.

10:11:09 AM  

Task force members made comments about patient experiences and where funds and grant dollars are spent and distributed in hospitals. They discussed where dollars can be leveraged and put to use. Ms. Westerson spoke about restructuring care to meet the needs of patients. She spoke about the money in the healthcare system and where the money goes in order to meet patient needs.

10:18:16 AM  

Task force members spoke about how care is currently operated and the greater need for holistic care.

10:31:27 AM  

The task force talked about getting to the root of what is causing a health issue and providing those full supports for the individual patient.

10:40:28 AM  

The task force discussed primary care providers and difficulties that patients face in getting adequate care for both physical and mental health.

10:42:49 AM  

The task force discussed issues with access to behavioral health for individuals on Medicaid. Ms. Westerson spoke about alternative payment models to ensure that payments get made to providers for behavioral health treatment. Dr. Johnson talked about local community centers working with primary care doctors to help coordinate care for individuals that are being served by more than one entity.

10:50:45 AM  
The task force took
a brief recess.

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