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ACDA50FDF82AF407872584A2005B9FCD Hearing Summary


Date Oct 29, 2019      
Location Old State Library

Committee Discussion on Legislation and Amendments - Committee Discussion Only

10:40:51 AM  
A handout of committee bill summaries was
distributed to committee members (Attachment C).  Kristen Forrestal,
Office of Legislative Legal Services (OLLS), described Bill #1, regarding
prevention of substance use disorders.  The bill provisions include:

-changes to insurance coverage requirements for alternatives to opioids;

-continuation of opioid prescribing limits;

-continuing education requirements for opioid prescribers; and

-changes to the prescription monitoring
date program (PDMP).

10:46:33 AM  
Representative Kennedy commented on stakeholder
conversations regarding Bill #1.  Ms. Forrestal discussed amendments
1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 to Bill #1 (Attachments D to H).  Representative
Kennedy commented on the amendments and mentioned other prevention ideas
that were not included in Bill #1.  Representative Kennedy responded
to committee questions regarding the amendments.
10:58:00 AM  

Yelana Love, OLLS, described Bill #2, regarding substance use disorder harm reduction.  The bill provisions include:

-changes to naloxone use policies;  

-allowing pharmacies to sell syringes;

-changes to syringe access program regulations; and

-increasing funding to local harm reduction programs.

Senator Pettersen and Representative Kennedy commented on the contents of Bill #2.  

11:06:14 AM  

Shelby Ross, OLLS, described Bill #3 regarding substance use disorder in the criminal justice system.  The bill provisions include:

-increasing the availability of medication-assisted treatment in jails and prisons and upon release;

-allowing disposal of controlled substances at safe stations; and

-changing record sealing requirements.

Representative Herod and Senator Pettersen commented on outstanding issues and stakeholder involvement regarding Bill #3.  Jose Esquibel and Rob Valuck, Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention, responded to committee questions about the bill.  

11:20:07 AM  
Ms. Ross described amendment 1 to Bill
#3 (Attachment I).  
11:24:18 AM  

Brita Darling, OLLS, described Bill #4 concerning treatment for substance use disorders.  The provisions of the bill include:  

-adjusting the community needs assessment process;

-requiring insurance carriers to cover certain substance use disorder treatments;

-increasing funding to health care provider loan programs;

-allowing pharmacies to recieve an enhanced dispensing fee;

-requiring the Department of Human Services to study child care availability for parents reciving treatment;

-appropriating funding to the Center for Substance Use Disorder Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery Support Strategies to employ grant writers; and

-requiring insurance carriers to report certain data to the Commissioner of Insurance.

Senator Pettersen commented on the contents of Bill #4.  Ms. Darling responded to committee questions








11:33:13 AM  
Ms. Darling explained amendments 1, 2,
3, 4, 5, and 6 to Bill #4 (Attachments J to O).  Senator Pettersen
commented on amendments to the bill.  
11:43:49 AM  

Ms. Love described Bill #5 regarding substance use disorder recovery.  The provisions of the bill include:

-increasing funding for peer coaching training;

-continuing the Opioid and Other Substance Use Disorders Committee for two additional years;

-requiring the Substance Abuse Trend and Response Task Force to review state legislation and submit policy recommendations regarding substance use disorders;

-modifying how child abuse and neglect or dependency is determined;

-requiring additional research into the substance use disorder treatment system in Colorado; and

-creating a grant program for recovery community organizations.

Ms. Love and Representative Herod discussed a potential amendment to Bill #5.  Ms. Love described amendments 2 and 3 to Bill #5 (Attachments P and Q).







11:50:19 AM  

Senator Pettersen recessed the committee.

12:30:19 PM  

Senator Pettersen called the meeting back to order.