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Date Mar 18, 2019      
Location SCR 352

HB19-1025 - Referred to Senate Appropriations

04:23:03 PM  

The committee recessed. 

04:58:10 PM  

The committee was called back to order. 

Senators Rodriguez and Foote explained HB19-1025, concerning the timing of an inquiry into a job applicant's criminal history.  Senator Foote emphasized that employment is a key element of stability for individuals with a criminal past.  Senator Rodriguez stressed that employment reduces recidivism. 

Jack Regenbogen, representing the Colorado Center on Law and Policy, spoke in favor of the bill.  He provided information as to what other states have ban the box laws.  He stressed the bill is modest and balances the interests of both the applicant and employer.  He further noted that the bill does not include a private cause of action provision and accommodates small businesses with a delayed start date.

05:04:17 PM  

Lance Schendorf, representing the Reciprocity Collective, testified in support of the bill.  He relayed a personal  experience of having a difficult time finding a job after prison.  He stressed that employment is key in reducing recidivism.

05:07:44 PM  

Peter Dybing, Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, supports the bill. He shared that he was a convicted felon and had a difficult time finding a job as a firefighter upon release from prison.  He discussed the relationship between homelessness and having a criminal history.

05:11:13 PM  

Micheal Rollerson, represenring Colorado AFL-CIO, testified in support of the bill.  He shared a personal experience of getting out of prison and having a hard time finding a job. He stressed that employment has given him the opportunity to succeed. 

05:13:25 PM  

Majid Mohammed, representing Interfaith Alliance Colorado, supports the bill.   He shared that he committed crimes as a juvenile and stressed that people should not be defined by their worst actions. 

05:21:09 PM  

Nick Colglazier, representing the Colorado Competitive Council, spoke from a neutral position on the bill.  He liked that the bill had no private cause of action and agreed that everyone needs a fair chance to succeed.

05:23:49 PM  

Valerie Schlecht, representing the Colorado Cross Disability Coalition, testified in favor of the bill.  

Molly Bowers, representing Focus Reentry in Boulder County, testified in support of the measure. 

Rev. Roland Halpern, representing the Colorado Council of Churches, spoke in support of the the bill.

Tammy Bellofatto, representing the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless, testified in support of the bill. She discussed employment after prison and noted that former Governor Hickenlooper granted her clemency. 

05:34:03 PM  

Jonathon McMillan, representing My Brother's Keeper, testified in favor of the bill.  He relayed his work with the City and County of Denver with a felony conviction.  He cited statistics regarding crime and African American males. 

05:38:33 PM  

Marcus Weaver, representing Transition from Jail to Community Collaborative, spoke in support of the bill. He discussed the need for second chances. 

05:46:21 PM  

Amanda Lopez, representing the Center for Spirituality At Work, testified in support of the bill. She stressed how employment helps pay restitution, as well as contributes to the economy.  She discussed women and barriers to employment.

Senators Rodriguez and Foote made closing remarks. 

06:00:05 PM
Motion Refer House Bill 19-1025 to the Committee on Appropriations.
Moved Rodriguez
Cooke No
Gardner No
Rodriguez Yes
Gonzales Yes
Lee Yes
Final YES: 3   NO: 2   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS

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