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Date Aug 4, 2022      
Location Old State Library

Biosolids and Per-and polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) - Committee Discussion Only

11:06:38 AM  

Julie Tinetti, Centennial Water and Sanitation District, introduced the presentation.

11:15:28 AM  
Barbara Biggs, Roxborough Water and Sanitation District, spoke about biosolids and per-and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) substances in water and materials.
11:16:09 AM  

Gabe Racz, Vranesh and Raisch, discussed the current regulation of PFAS and what Colorado is doing to eliminate PFAS at the source.

11:18:20 AM  
Committee members asked questions about the removal of PFAS. Ms. Biggs discussed the different technologies that exist to remove PFAS from water. She noted that there are not existing technologies that remove PFAS from biosolids.
11:26:48 AM  

Ms. Tinetti and Ms. Biggs answered questions about taking PFAS out of materials.

11:32:47 AM  

The committee asked questions about the health effects caused by exposure to PFAS. Ms. Biggs discussed the potential health impacts.

11:34:36 AM  
Committee members
asked questions about whether PFAS has been found in dairy or cattle waste.
 Panelists were unsure of whether or not this is the case.
11:37:34 AM  

Trisha Oeth, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), introduced the presentation. She discussed the recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) updated health advisories for PFAS. She told the committee that the EPA plans to establish a national rule in late 2022.

11:48:32 AM  
Ron Falco, Safe
Drinking Water Program Manager, CDPHE,

answered a question about measuring and identifying PFAS in private wells.
11:50:09 AM  
Ms. Oeth answered
questions about the firefighting foam and the newer chemicals found in
11:52:52 AM  
The committee asked
a question about the new EPA health advisory and the letters that water
providers have to send telling users that they may have PFAS in their water.
11:54:13 AM  
The committee and panelists continued to
discuss the EPA actions and the effects of PFAS.

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