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Date Oct 31, 2023      
Location SCR 357

Non-functional Turf - Committee Discussion Only

09:04:26 AM  
Greg Fisher, Denver
Water, introduced himself and his presentation. He spoke about the efforts
of municipalities to invest in replacing turf grass and limiting grass
in new developments.
09:05:16 AM  
Andy Hill, Denver
Water, introduced himself and gave a description of non-functional turf,
which is primarily ornamental. He told the committee that non-functional
turf is often found in medians and along sidewalks. He spoke about the
value of green spaces and does not want these spaces to be lost. He discussed
the bill draft that was requested by the committee and testified that it
is well balanced.
09:15:43 AM  
Lindsay Rogers, Western
Resource Advocates, introduced herself and her presentation. She spoke
about the need to reduce municipal outdoor water demand through the limitation
of non-functional turf and the recent policy developments and funding efforts
that have focused on this issue. She told the committee about the current
Turf Replacement Program status, which is expected to fund up to 50 entities'
projects. She discussed potential future policy opportunities.  
09:22:13 AM  
Heather Stauffer,
Colorado Municipal League, introduced herself and her presentation. She
spoke about efforts by municipalities to remove and reduce the use of turf
in Colorado and provided a list of places where turf removal is taking
place. She told the committee about partnerships between municipalities
and nonprofits to offer water conservation and lawn replacement services.
She discussed the future work that can be done to support ongoing efforts.
09:29:31 AM  
Marshall Brown, Aurora
Water, introduced himself. He told the committee about Aurora's developer
incentives, but he explained that the development community continued to
install non-functional turf. He told them that this is why Aurora banned
installation of non-functional turf in new developments. He discussed the
need for some local control over non-functional turf.  
09:35:18 AM  
The panel responded
to questions from the committee regarding the benefits of some green space
in communities, the time it would take to recoup the costs for replacing
turf grass, concerns with artificial turf, how other states are approaching
non-functional turf, and limiting turf in residential areas.    

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