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9ACEBD74A23A581387258737006CD4CC Hearing Summary


Date Aug 20, 2021      
Location HCR 0112

Staff/Committee Member Updates - Committee Discussion Only

01:48:45 PM  
Representative Lontine
talked about the presidential portrait of President Biden.  She stated
that she started fundraising with a goal of $15,000.  Representative
Lontine indicated that Representative Hooton will assist with fundraising
efforts, including a Go Fund Me page, contacting potential donors, and
creating a fundraising letter or video.

Lontine added that Creative Industries will facilitate donations and pay
the artist.  Additional costs outlined by Representative Lontine include:
 set-up of a website and recording donations by Creativity Lab for
about $1,000; and painting of the portrait for $11,000 by Sarah Bordman.
 Representative Lontine indicated that Ms. Bordman has painted several
portraits in the collection.  She added that there is a frame for
the President Biden portrait, but additional funds, perhaps from current
fundraising efforts, will be needed to frame future portraits.

01:53:16 PM  
There was a discussion
about how the presidential portrait became a fundraising project for legislative
members.  Georgianna Contiguglia elaborated that the first set of
portraits came from the artist, although there is no information about
whether or not they were donated.  She stated that the original artist
died and some time passed between the initial donation and the President
Obama portrait created by Sarah Bordman with a donor member of CBAC paying
for the project.  There was no recollection of fundraising for the
second set of portraits.
01:56:25 PM  
Committee staff talked
about the President Clinton portrait, including that the portrat was not
included in the first group of portraits, but was on loan and then donated.
 Ms. Chapman state that the  decision was made that the party
who won the presidency would fundraise for the portrait.  She added
that this same practice is used for the Governor portraits.

01:57:52 PM  
The committee discussed
the President Clinton portrait, a duplicate from the Clinton Presidential
Library and Museum.  A member indicated that the committee paid for
shipping only.  Several committee members expressed that the state
should pay for the portrait.  The committee decided to revisit the
issue after the current portrait is completed.

02:00:29 PM  
Ms. Chapman provided
an update on the Civil War statue.  The committee decided that the
future home of the statute will be discussed at the November meeting, while
History Colorado will store the statue until a permanent home is found.

02:03:23 PM  
April Bernard, representing
Legislative Council Staff, provided information about framing an election
certificate for display (Attachment B).  Ms. Bernard provided background,
indicating that the document contains the name of one of the first women
legislators in Colorado and was donated to the General Assembly by a private
party.  She stated that the document was damaged during restoration,
marring information on the certificate.  The committee discussed further
restoration of the certificate with History Colorado assisting with the
possible addition of names of legislators elected at the time.  Kara
Veitch, Executive Director of the Department of Personnel and Administration
(DPA), suggested that the Office of State Archives look at the certificate.
 The committee decided that Legislative Council Staff will speak with
the State Archivist about the certificate.

02:13:32 PM  
The committee decided
that the item will be tabled until the State Archivist is able to look
at the certificate.
02:14:07 PM  
There was a discussion
about contacting organizations that support women candidates to talk about
the certificate and to get ideas for a possible exhibit.

02:14:54 PM  
Richard Lee, representing
the Department of Personnel and Administration, provided an update on the
General Maurice Rose Statue.  He indicated that a location was selected,
south and west of the Liberty Bell and that an architect and engineer still
need to be selected.  He indicated that there will be another update
at the November meeting.  He also shared that the group creating the
project would like to install the foundation for the statute by the end
of April, with the statue itself being installed next summer.

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