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965301322D70288D872582F900735728 Hearing Summary


Date Aug 30, 2018      
Location HCR 0112

Committee Discussion Facilitated by Legislative Staff of Initial Drafting Concepts Regarding Culture, Training, and Transparency - Committee Discussion Only

02:59:52 PM  

Mr. Barry distributed a document containing questions regarding culture and training to the committee [Attachment D].  The committee discussed whether there should be a separate workplace culture policy or if a workplace culture policy should be incorporated into a workplace harassment policy.  The committee discussed creating two separate policies.  Mr. FitzSimons responded to questions about establishing a workplace culture policy and a separate workplace harassment policy.  The committee further discussed drafting two separate policies.  

03:13:21 PM  

Mr. Barry asked the committee about the respectful workplace expectation policy outlined on pages 124 and 125 of the ILG report.  A packet of codes of conducts from various Colorado executive departments was distributed to the committee [Attachment E].  The Committee discussed with Mr. Barry aspects of a code of conduct or respectful workplace expectation policy.

03:20:45 PM  

 The committee discussed whether there should be an annual awareness campaign.  Mr. Fitzsimons responded to questions about conducting an annual awareness campaign.  The committee discussed giving the HR administrator the discretion to conduct awareness campaign, as needed.






03:25:35 PM  

The committee discussed providing training on workplace culture with Mr. Barry and elements of such training.

03:28:21 PM  

The committee discussed adopting a mission or vision statement, like that of the Kentucky legislature, outlined on page 88 of the ILG report.  Mr. Barry mentioned that OLLS has a mission statement.  The committee suggested that OLLS staff develop a mission statement for the General Assembly, including third parties.  

03:32:31 PM  

The committee discussed creating a position of workplace culture specialist or another HR position to assist the HR administrator. Discussion ensued about the level of staffing needed to address the HR functions and training for the General Assembly.  

03:38:06 PM  

The committee also discussed conducting an annual or biannual survey to track culture change. The committee further discussed training including updating training, including training in new member orientation, and conducting training annually.  The committee discussed including celebrations of successes in the legislative culture.  

03:42:32 PM  

The committee continued to discuss elements of the training.  The committee discussed annual and biannual training, training requirements for new members, and the timing of the trainings.  The committee discussed allowing the HR administrator to provide additional training, as necessary.  Committee discussion ensued about requiring training of legislators and addressing both workplace harassment and culture in the trainings.

03:58:19 PM  

Mr. Barry asked whether there should be different training for legislators who have previously attended several training, to which the committee determined the training should not be different.

03:58:57 PM  

The committee discussed what, if any, training should be offered to registered and volunteer lobbyist.  Committee discussion ensued about the legislators ability to regulate lobbyists.  Mr. Barry confirmed that the Secretary of State regulates lobbyists, and referenced Joint Rule 36 and Secretary of State rules regarding lobbyists.  

04:05:19 PM  

The committee discussed training for aides, interns, and other vulnerable populations.

04:06:33 PM  

The committee discussed training offered to nonpartisan and partisan staff.  

04:07:19 PM  

The committee discussed whether or not to establish a designation for members or staff who attend a certain number of classes.  Committee members discussed potential issues with creating such a designation.