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Date Nov 10, 2021      
Location Old State Library

Governor's Affordable Housing Priorities - Committee Discussion Only

09:42:56 AM  
Director Rick Garcia,
representing the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA), provided an overview
of housing priorities: strong communities; financing green energy improvements
for affordable housing; housing innovative incentives; and Colorado Housing
and Finance Authority's (CHFA) Missing Middle Income Program.  Mr.
Garcia provided a PowerPoint outlining the priorities (Attachment B).

09:46:19 AM  
Andy Hill, representing
DOLA Community Development Division, provided an update on the strong communities
(sustainable infrastructure) priority.  Ms. Hill indicated that local
governments may need assistance, including updates for infrastructure.

09:49:39 AM  
Ms. Hill suggested
that local communities are interested in the innovative housing program
that was created with the passage of House Bill 21-1271.

09:51:30 AM  
Ms. Hill summarized
activities that DOLA will support to promote strong communities, including
engineering studies, communication, infrastructure funding, and partnerships
for development of state land.  She shared funding examples, including
creating a regional transit authority or upgrading a main street with rezoning,
partnerships for affordable housing, and managing growth.

09:54:52 AM  
Will Toor, representing
the Colorado Energy Office, provided an update on building energy and affordable
housing.  Mr. Toor stated that buildings are one of Colorado's top
five largest greenhouse gas emitting sectors.  He indicated that with
regards to cost and equity, 20 percent of Colorado households spend at
least 5 percent of their income on energy and many low-income households
energy expenditures exceed 10 percent of income.  Mr. Toor indicated
that the proposed program focuses on: energy efficiency, clean electric
heating and appliances, and renewable energy.  He stated that $25
million will fund efficient, electric ready measures, efficient all electric
equipment, and renewable energy for existing buildings.

10:01:25 AM  
Jeff Kraft, Deputy
Director representing the Office of Economic Development, outlined current
programs that support housing.  He talked about the Innovative Housing
Incentive Program, stating that the program will grow small businesses
with innovative and sustainable business models, create jobs, and increase
housing inventory.
10:08:33 AM  
Deputy Director Kraft
detailed several components to the program, including per unit installation
incentives (plus-ups) and forgivable loans or revolving loans for affordable
and sustainable housing factory development.  The incentives or plus-ups
provide $500 for serving low to moderate income individuals, shipping from
the factory to the building site, energy efficiency, and projects in particular
geographic areas.
10:12:10 AM  
Cris White, representing
the CHFA, outlined the Missing Middle Workforce Housing program. Mr. White
indicated that the program focuses on individuals whose income falls within
60 to 120 percent of the area median income.
10:15:52 AM  
Director Garcia provided
information about additional affordable housing ideas and updates on current
programs, including planning grants and incentive grants.

10:17:18 AM  
Director Garcia indicated
that the acquisition fund established by Senate Bill 21-242 and House Bill
21-1329 has accepted over six applications, providing $17 million in funding.
 He indicated that five more applications are in the pipeline, totaling
$22 million, to purchase older hotels for rapid housing.  Director
Garcia talked about additional investments in affordable housing, including
an allocation of $70 million for 18 applicants of the total $98.5 million
10:22:11 AM  
Director Garcia responded
to questions from the task force, including how the Governor's and task
force's priorities align.
10:27:35 AM  
Mr. Toor responded to questions on the green building recommendations.
10:30:12 AM  
Deputy Director Kraft responded to questions on the working capital grant.
10:31:51 AM  
Mr. Toor responded
to questions on the emission of greenhouse gases.
10:33:17 AM  
Mr. Toor responded to a question on renewable energy solar costs.
10:36:18 AM  
Director Garcia responded
to a question about additional funding to be used as incentives or infrastructure
improvements related to qualified land use and zoning strategies.
10:41:43 AM  
Ms. Hill outlined zoning changes that communities are proposing.
10:46:45 AM  
Mr. Toor responded to a question about energy efficiency and building codes.

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