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Date Oct 3, 2018      
Location SCR 357

Bill 1 - Refer Bill 1 to the Legislative Council for Adoption - Pass.

09:07:50 AM  
Ed DeCecco, Office of Legislative Legal
Services, discussed Bill 1 which is a concurrent resolution to repeal the
Gallagher Amendment (Attachmend A).
09:11:20 AM  
Larson Silbaugh, Legislative Council Staff,
discussed the fiscal impact of the proposed concurrent resolution.  A
copy of the fiscal note was provided to the committee (Attachment B).

09:12:21 AM  

Mr. DeCecco responded to questions from the committee.

09:13:08 AM  
Garry Briese, Colorado State Fire Chiefs,
spoke about the fire chiefs experience dealing with Gallagher.  He
provided a handout to the committee (Attachment C).
09:15:54 AM  

Don Lombardi, Colorado State Fire Chiefs, discussed the fire service impacts of reductions in property tax revenue and the role of the fire chiefs in local areas asking voters to permit changes to taxes.

09:18:41 AM  

Chief Briese read an email from a fire chief in response to a survey from the CSFC.  He responded to questions from the committee.

09:20:28 AM  

Representative Rankin made comments on the preceding testimony and asked questions of the witnesses.

09:23:27 AM  

Chief Lombardi responded to questions from the committee.

09:23:40 AM  

Gini Pingenot, Colorado Counties, Inc., discussed counties' responsibilities for providing services and the role of property tax in funding those services. She discussed county commissioner concerns with the concurrent resolution.

09:28:38 AM  

Barbara Holm, representing herself and five former legislators, read a prepared statement about their concerns with eliminating the Gallagher Amendment.

09:33:37 AM  

Ms. Pinginot responded to questions from the committee.

09:34:24 AM  

Senator Holm responded to comments from the committee.

09:34:48 AM  

Ms. Pingenot responded to comments from the committee..

09:39:54 AM  

Senator Holm responded to questions and comments from the committee.

09:55:10 AM
Motion Refer Bill 1 to the Legislative Council for adoption
Moved Court
Seconded Rankin
Bridges Yes
Court Yes
Rankin Yes
Tate Yes
Smallwood Yes
Esgar Yes
YES: 6   NO: 0   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS

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