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7E816392446F1A2587258A83005AB706 Hearing Summary


Date Dec 12, 2023      
Location SCR 352

Department or Revenue Budget Request and Presentation - Committee Discussion Only

09:30:52 AM  
Ms. Samantha Falco,
Legislative Council Staff, provided a brief update to the committee about
committee materials and the meeting agenda.
09:33:00 AM  
Ms. Heidi Humphreys,
Executive Director, Department of Revenue, introduced herself to the committee.
Michael Arrington, Chief Strategy Officer, Department of Revenue, provided
an overview of two department IT capital funding requests.

The department is requesting $4,284,000 cash spending authority for the
Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) to purchase and implement a new seed-to-sale
tracking system purchased through a competitive bidding process. The department
has a second request for state funds to replace licensing and case management
systems used by multiple divisions within the department for private sector
regulation and licensing functions.

Mr. Arrington also provided an overview to the committee on quarterly updates
to prior appropriations and department IT systems.

09:53:34 AM  
Mr. Arrington provided
updates on prior appropriations regarding the GENTAX and DRIVES systems.
09:55:03 AM  
Panelists responded
to questions from the committee regarding the MED tracking system and existing
processes to track marijuana potency and production, as well as on competitive
vendor solicitation.  
09:58:51 AM  
Mr. Arrington responded to questions from the committee regarding MED enforcement and regarding a state audit of the division and the relationship with the tracking system update.
10:01:05 AM  
Discussion took place
between panelists and the committee on recent reporting of excess cash
fund balances and the impact on the current funding request.  

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