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7CEB81658D98A98C872582570060FF21 Hearing Summary


Date Mar 21, 2018      
Location HCR 0112

SB18-087 - Referred to the Committee of the Whole

11:39:30 AM  
Representative Winter presented and summarized Senate Bill 18-087 concerning in-state tuition for foreign nationals settled in Colorado.
11:42:29 AM  
Jennifer Wilson, representing the International Rescue Committee, testified in favor of the bill. She answered questions from the committee.
11:55:50 AM  
Ms. Wilson continued to answer questions from the committee.
12:03:02 PM  

Maytham Alshadaad, representing the Denver Refugee and Immigrant Vitalization and Empowerment (DRIVE) Project, testified in support of the bill. He discussed his experience as an interpreter for the United States Army in Iraq. He answered questions from the committee.

12:13:18 PM  

Asam Alweily, representing himself, testified in support of the bill. He answered questions from the committee.

12:15:54 PM  

Garett Reppenhagen, representing the Vet Voice Foundation, testified in support of the bill.

12:18:48 PM  

Enas Alsharea, representing herself, testified in support of the bill. She discussed her experience as a refugee with a brother who worked with the United States Army.

12:25:18 PM  
Representative Lundeen presented and summarized amendment L.002 [Attachment C].
12:26:28 PM  
Committee discussion ensued.

12:33:02 PM
Motion Adopt amendment L.002
Moved Lundeen
Seconded Everett
Bridges No
Everett Yes
Exum No
Garnett No
Lee No
Leonard Yes
Lundeen Yes
McLachlan No
Reyher Yes
Sias Yes
Wilson Yes
Buckner No
Pettersen No
YES: 6   NO: 7   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  FAIL
12:33:03 PM  
Representative Winter provided closing comments on the bill. The committee members provided closing comments.

12:34:31 PM
Motion Refer Senate Bill 18-087 to the Committee of the Whole.
Moved Buckner
Seconded Bridges
Bridges Yes
Everett No
Exum Yes
Garnett Yes
Lee Yes
Leonard No
Lundeen No
McLachlan Yes
Reyher Yes
Sias No
Wilson No
Buckner Yes
Pettersen Yes
Final YES: 8   NO: 5   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS

The effective date for bills enacted without a safety clause is August 7, 2024, if the General Assembly adjourns sine die on May 8, 2024, unless otherwise specified. Details