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Date Sep 21, 2021      
Location Old Supreme Court

Sustainable and Safe Housing - Committee Discussion Only

12:24:49 PM  
The task force came back to order.
12:25:50 PM  
Will Toor, Director
representing the Colorado Energy Office, provided a PowerPoint presentation
(Attachment C) on sustainable and safe housing.  He mentioned that
buildings are one of the five emitters of pollution.  Mr. Toor also
stated that about 20 percent of Coloradans are cost burdened with regards
to to paying utilites.
12:28:39 PM  
Mr. Toor talked about
energy efficiency and cost.  He talked about insulation, air sealing,
and passive solar as good options to bring down cost.  Mr. Toor went
on to discuss clean electric heating and appliances, such as heat pumps
for heating water and homes and renewables.  He stated that efficiency,
emerging technologies, and renewables could lead to energy cost savings
and affect indoor air quality in a positive way.
12:31:05 PM  
Mr. Toor talked about
the Basalt Vista Project, an example of an all electric community at net
zero impact.  He outlined the project of 27 homes in the Roaring Fork
Valleey without gas line connections, that insteat rely on a combination
of roof top solar and heat pumps.  He shared that the total energy
bill for these homes is $15 per month or less.
12:32:27 PM  
Mr. Toor discussed
Josephine Commons, a mixed development with 70 senior units, 54 townhomes,
22 duplexes, and 7 single family homes that also use energy efficiently.
12:33:18 PM  
Mr. Toor talked about
Alta Verde in Breckenridg that is being funded with a DOLA grant with a
construction start date of March 21, 2022.
12:33:43 PM  
There was a discussion
about a working group studying the challenges to debcarbonize affordable
housing.  The discussion included tax credits, energy efficiency,
electric vehicle ready parking, annual energy benchmarking, and high energy
performance standards.  
12:35:02 PM  
Mr. Toor discussed
potential strategies for dedicated financing of energy improvements on
affordable housing.  He discussed retrofitting new construction; grant
funds for efficiency, renewables, and electrification improvements; minimum
energy standards as a condition in receiving state funds for new construction
or rehabilitation; and support for low or zero emission modifications in
home development.
12:36:26 PM  
Mr. Toor touched
on land use and highlighted the features of walkable, compact, transit
oriented development that uses less energy.  He suggested that compact
development may increase access to employment.
12:37:23 PM  
Mr. Toor discussed
several transit oriented devopments.
12:39:09 PM  
Mr. Toor talked about
land use and the Greenhouse Gas Emission roadmap.  He suggested that
compact development may  reduce driving.  He talked about reductions
in household energy use, including smaller units and multifamily units
with shared walls that are energy efficient.
12:40:57 PM  
Mr. Toor talked about
compact land use and affordability.  He suggested that families may
spend less on transportation and may not spend as much time commuting.

Mr. Toor touched
on exclusionary zoning through occupancy limits; restricting accessory
development units; prohibiting duplexes, triplexes, and fourplexes; requiring
minimum sizes; minimum parking requirements; limits on apartments, townhomes,
and condominiums;  and the discretionary review process.
12:43:39 PM  
There was a discussion
about split incentives.  The task force discussed long term affordability.
12:49:15 PM  
There was a discussion
about states attempting to address exclusionary zoning, including Oregan,
California, Iowa,and Washington.
12:50:40 PM  
The task force talked
about concentrate funding on transit oriented and compact development;
public land for affordable housing; building on House Bill 21-1117 and
House Bill 21-1271.
12:53:21 PM  
Mr. Toor responded
to questions about capital costs for energy efficient equipment.
12:54:56 PM  
There was a discussion
about CHFA programs, including new buildings and renovations.
12:55:58 PM  
There was a discussion
about support for low emission in modular homes, such as incentives or
requirements for low or zero energy homes.  

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