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Date Sep 21, 2021      
Location Old Supreme Court

Strategic Topics - Committee Discussion Only

12:57:55 PM  
The Jacob Bornstein,
facilitator representing Wellstone Collaborative Strategies, introduced
the breakout room discussions: stabilize existing affordable housing and;
expand the capacity and safety net.  The task force will review the
 pillars; determine if the subpanel is working on the correct topics;
 and provide direction to the subpanel.

12:59:37 PM  
The task force went
to breakout rooms.
12:59:48 PM  
The task force came back to order.
02:35:54 PM  
Mr. Bornstein summarized
breakout room discussions.  He indicated that the subpanel will continue
discussions in the areas identified by the task force and all priorities
should be reviewed in making policy decisions. He mentioned that the breakout
groups discussed stabilizing housing, including considering the effects
of short term rentals on access.  Preserving current affordable units
and considering what naturally occurring affordable housing means, such
as mobile home parks, were also discussed.  Discussions about land
use zoning included: new guidelines; zoning as a contract; and incentives
to develop housing, cooperatives, or land trusts.

02:41:33 PM  
Mr. Rossbert summarized
the housing and equity topic.
02:42:11 PM  
Kristin Toombs made a remark.
02:43:55 PM  
Ms. Alderman provided
feedback on the expanding capacity and strengthening the safety net topic.
 She shared that discussion included: priority guardrails; connections
between pillars; modular home manufacturing; and investment in human capacity
and services.  She said that challenges discussed include overregulation
and focusing on purchasing property alone.

02:47:24 PM  
Task force members
talked about additional safety net discussions: community capacity; intergenerational
wealth; preventing homelessness; funding; and connections between services
and programming.
02:49:51 PM  
There was a discussion
about short term rentals.

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