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Date Jan 25, 2019      
Location Old State Library

Public Testimony - Committee Discussion Only

02:21:43 PM  

Allison Boyd, victim's representative on the SOMB,  discussed the work of the SOMB and victim advocacy. She also discussed restorative justice and family reunification.

Brie Franklin Akins, representing the Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault, discussed the under-reporting of sex-related crimes.

Kaitlin Altone, representing the Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center, discussed accountability, treatment, and the important role of the SOMB.  She answered questions from the committee about outreach and demand for services.   

02:43:00 PM  

Dale Jenkins, representing Advocates for Change, expressed concerns about the SOMB and polygraphs in particular. She distributed a copy of her testimony to the committee  (Attachment C).  The committee discussed a controversial Superme Court ruling about sex offender treatment and recidivism.

Roger Kincade, representing Advocates for Change, also expressed concerns with the SOMB and distributed a written copy of his testimony (Attachment D).  He discussed problems with the filing of complaints against a provider or the SOMB.

Pat Harris, representing Advocates for Change, discussed parole for low-risk sex offenders and distributed a copy of her testimony (Attachment E). She discussed parole eligibility and treatment.

Susan Walker, representing the Coalition for Sexual Offense Restoration (CSOR), testified about the SOMB.  She first reported on some of their positive accomplishments, followed by areas in need of of improvement, including, but not limited to, the sex offender registry, polygraphs, and the "one-size-fits-all" treatment modality.  She distributed a copy of her testimony (Attachment F).    

Tami Floyd, representing herself, discussed the SOMB.  She stated concerns about the use and costs of polygraphs, as required by the SOMB.

Jenny Stith, representing the WINGS Foundation, discussed trauma-informed therapy and victims. 

Karmen Carter, representing the Blue Bench, talked about the SOMB and its role in prevention efforts. 

03:01:14 PM  

Angel Weant, Judicial Department representative on the SOMB, discussed the importance of SOMB standards and guidelines for those in the field. 

Dr. Carl Blake, Division of Youth Services representative on the SOMB, discussed the juvenile standards revision committee.  He answered questions about the polygraph testing of juveniles.  

Leonard Woodson, DOC representative on the SOMB, discussed risk assessment, treatment, and parole eligiblity.

Laurie Rose Kepros, representing the Office of the State Public Defender, presented a timeline of SOMB non-compliance with Risk-Need-Responsivity (Attachment G).  She expressed concerns about the SOMB and their "one size fits all" approach to treatment.  She also also distributed a pamphlet from the National Association for Rational Sexual Offense Laws, which includes nation-wide statistics, and a visual schematic for attrition of rape cases (Attachments H and I).