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Date Jul 30, 2019      
Location Old State Library

Diversion and Pretrial Efforts - Committee Discussion Only

10:06:52 AM  

Chief Mike Butler, Public Safety Chief of Longmont, discussed what Longmont is doing to divert individuals and distributed a handout (Attachment C).   He discussed the diversion referral process, case management, and the addition of an operational workgroup and steering committee for diversion efforts.  Chief Butler also discussed the restorative justice program, the Angel Initiative, and LEAD program in Longmont.

10:15:56 AM  

Chief Butler continued to discuss diversion efforts in Longmont and stressed the importance of funding the LEAD program and other programs, beyond problem solving courts, across the state to refer individuals out of the criminal justice system.

10:18:43 AM  

Senator Petterson asked a question about communities that have instituted a LEAD pilot program. Chief Butler noted there are four pilot programs in the state.

10:22:16 AM  

Representative Herod asked Chief Butler about the recidivism rates in his community.  Mr. Butler noted that restorative justice has a recidivism rate around ten percent.  Representative Herod asked about these programs reaching communities of color and for data on individuals of color who have used these programs.

10:31:51 AM  

In response to a question, Chief Butler described the Angel Initiative, through which an individual can access addiction treatment. Discussion ensued.

10:37:39 AM  

Tom Raynes, Colorado District Attorneys' Council, discussed LEAD, the multiple diversion models that exist, and components of the most successful models.

10:38:14 AM  

Mr. Raynes noted that LEAD is not 'one size fits all' for all communities. Communities need flexibility and funding if this program is going to be required. Discussion ensued.

10:46:28 AM  

Representative Kennedy asked about expanding the LEAD pilot program, and Mr. Raynes spoke about the limited availability of SUD treatment providers in more rural judicial districts.  Representative Herod noted that diversion programs impact the state's prison population.

10:53:53 AM  

Terri Hurst, Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition, discussed the need for more transparency in state criminal justice spending and distributed a handout (Attachment D).  She also spoke about modernizing the justice system so that those needing SUD treatment are treated in the existing healthcare system. 

10:57:41 AM  

Ms. Hurst continued to discuss state cash funds that have available money that could potentially be used for treatment, including the offender services cash fund in the Judicial Department and the correctional treatment cash fund in the Department of Corrections.

11:00:33 AM  

Ms. Hurst discussed the importance and benefits of continuity of care for justice system involved individuals. Discussion ensued. Representative Herod asked about the cost of urinary analysis.

11:06:54 AM  

Jeffrey Satur, Public Safety Deputy Chief in Longmont, discussed the association between SUD and non-drug related crimes.  Mr. Satur continued to discuss the importance of SUD treatment in Longmont.

11:10:31 AM  

In response to questions, Mr. Satur discussed the large number of persons with SUD that never enter the criminal justice system and the level of supervision required by diversion programs.