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Date Aug 4, 2022      
Location Old State Library

Impacts of Transbasin Diversions and the Colorado-Big Thompson Project - Committee Discussion Only

01:22:11 PM  

Jeff Rieker, Eastern Colorado Area Manager, Bureau of Reclamation, introduced the topic and discussed the workings of the Colorado-Big Thompson (C-BT) Project.

01:22:51 PM  

Michael Cassio, President, Three Lakes Watershed Association, introduced his presentation.

01:26:03 PM  

Mr. Cassio showed the committee a photo of Grand Lake and spoke about the characteristics of the lake and the design of the current water pumping system.

01:27:38 PM  
Mr. Cassio spoke about the environmental
impacts of the C-BT project and the desire to conduct a study that would
create a report of the environmental impacts.
01:34:44 PM  

Mr. Cassio spoke about the impacts of the current system and what a potential study should look at. He spoke about the impacts of population growth on the system and the old pumping technology that the system currently uses.

01:40:01 PM  
Committee members asked questions about what the study would entail.
01:40:33 PM  

Mr. Cassio spoke about how water rights provide a challenge.

01:47:43 PM  
Jeff Metzger, Director, Three Lakes Watershed
Association, discussed how the agencies can work together to study the
system and raise the knowledge of how it works.
01:50:21 PM  
Steve Kudron, Grand Lake Mayor, discussed how important healthy tourism around the lake is to his town.
01:59:05 PM  

The panelists discussed National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process and the need for a clarity standard.

01:59:51 PM  

The committee asked questions about the clarity of the water and what is affecting the clarity of the lake.

02:01:07 PM  

The committee made comments on the importance of the lake and how the communities rely on its resources. Members asked about how the partnerships on the lake have developed and why this is becoming an ask right now with everything going on in the watershed.

02:04:34 PM  

The panelists discussed why it is important to look at how to help the water quality of the lake and others along the entire system.

02:08:28 PM  

Esther Vincent, Director of Environmental Services, Northern Water, introduced her presentation on the impacts of transbasin diversions and the C-BT Project.

02:15:33 PM  

Ms. Vincent spoke about the different areas of concern, including in the Colorado River and the Three Lakes system. She showed the committee a timeline of the C-BT project.

02:19:00 PM  

Ms. Vincent spoke about how the Water Quality Control Commission has watched water quality over the years in Three Lakes system and how the clarity is being managed.

02:22:53 PM  
Ms. Vincent discussed the different Grand Lake clarity efforts, adaptive management process, nutrient reduction projects, Learning By Doing aquatic and river health partnership, water temperature mitigation, riparian vegetation monitoring, and the Colorado connectivity channel.
02:31:25 PM  
Ms. Vincent told
the committee about the water quality impacts of the East Troublesome Fire.
 She showed photos of the poor water quality.  
02:35:01 PM  
Ms. Vincent discussed her concerns about conducting a study on Grand Lake and its water quality.
02:36:11 PM  
Ms. Vincent spoke
about the contractual agreements that Northern Water is a part of that
require them to work on water quality issues.
02:38:17 PM  

Ed Moyer, County Manager, Grand County, spoke about his concerns with a potential study. He echoed Ms. Vincent's comments.

02:40:44 PM  
Mr. Reiker spoke about finding feasible, balanced approaches to addressing water quality in the Three Lakes system. He discussed the concerns related to the feasibility of a study and the ability to analyze the entire array of potential mitigation.
02:43:44 PM  
The panelists responded to questions about how much information exists and what has been done to address the issue.
02:45:50 PM  

Committee members asked questions about the NEPA process that was started. Mr. Reiker spoke about why the process hasn't been carried forward currently.

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