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Date Aug 19, 2021      
Location Old State Library

Affordable Housing Transformation in Colorado - Committee Discussion Only

09:35:31 AM  
The task force discussed
what affordable housing should look like in Colorado, using the facilitator
Powerpoint presentation (Attachment A).

09:39:55 AM  
The meaning of the
term affordable housing was discussed.
09:43:53 AM  
Task force members
worked on statements individually, defining transformation, recorded their
statements, and then categorized the statements.

09:45:36 AM  

The task force recessed.

09:47:55 AM  
The task force came
back to order.
09:57:35 AM  
The facilitator talked
about creating ideas to put under the ideal state of affordable housing
10:09:24 AM  

The facilitators summarized the themes for the current state of affordable housing in Colorado.  The facilitators will create a document outlining the committee member ideas.  Some of the themes include local government policies, such as zoning and funding, leveraging funding, urban renewal support, and federal funds.  Factory built housing was also discussed.

10:11:36 AM  

Additional themes discussed included pilot programs, such as vouchers, transitional housing, owner repair of housing, partnerships with local officials, and transit oriented housing.

10:12:49 AM  

Ms. Picard discussed the challenges in addressing housing.  The task force discused housing cost and supply, wages not keeping pace with housing costs, and construction costs.  Discussion about types of housing, including middle income and worker housing, such as housing for teachers, occurred.  The task force discussed costs related to housing, such as utilities, and matters related to zoning and parking.  There was a discussion about the ripple effects of people experiencing homelessness.  

10:17:21 AM  

There was a discussion about market pressures, construction costs, infrastructure, and litigation.  Discussion continued about the challenges of rehabilitating housing units and short-term rental units reducing housing stock.  The task force discussed local policies that may need adjustment, educating buyers, and community views about housing matters.

10:21:57 AM  

The ideal state of housing was discussed, including sustainable housing, zero emissions, and affordability.  Additionally, integration with other systems and removing obstacles to housing, as well as building wealth, were discussed.  

10:27:58 AM  
There was a discussion about disproportionately affected populations.
10:29:46 AM  

The task force recessed.

10:30:23 AM  
The task force came
back to order.

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