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Date Apr 19, 2021      
Location HCR 0107

HB21-1261 - Referred to House Finance

02:34:35 PM  
Representative Catlin,
co-prime bill sponsor, presented House Bill 21-1261 to the committee.  The
bill retroactively extends the Colorado sales and use tax exemption for
timber products made from trees killed or infested by mountain pine or
spruce beetles through June 2026.
02:38:13 PM  
Mr. Mike Lester,
representing Colorado state forest service, testified in a neutral position
on the bill.  Mrs. Molly Pitts, representing Colorado Timber Industry
Association, testified in support of the bill.  Mr. Lester and Mrs.
Pitts responded to questions from the committee.
02:51:03 PM  
Representative Catlin made concluding comments. Committee members made concluding comments.

02:58:29 PM
Motion Refer House Bill 21-1261 to the Committee on Finance.
Moved Catlin
Seconded Cutter
Catlin Yes
Cutter Yes
Holtorf Yes
Lontine Yes
Lynch Yes
McLachlan Yes
Roberts Yes
Valdez D. Yes
Will Yes
Young Yes
McCormick Yes
Final YES: 11   NO: 0   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS

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