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Date Aug 20, 2021      
Location HCR 0112

Committee Business - Committee Discussion Only

01:37:32 PM  
The committee members
discussed the officer positions of the Capitol Building Advisory Committee
(CBAC).  Kurt Morrison motioned that Representative Lontine continue
to serve as Chair of CBAC.   Danielle Oliveto seconded the motion.

01:38:28 PM  
There were no objections
to Representative Lontine continuing to serve as Chair of CBAC.  Representative
Lontine will continue to serve as the CBAC Chair.

01:38:52 PM  
Senator Moreno motioned
that Lois Court be selected as Vice Chair of CBAC.  Mr. Morrison seconded
the motion.  There were no objections.  Lois Court was selected
as Vice Chair of CBAC.
01:39:29 PM  
Lois Court thanked
committee members.
01:39:57 PM  

There was a discussion about new members.

01:40:24 PM  
Jeanette Chapman,
representing Legislative Council Staff, provided information about the
committee budget (Attachment A).
01:41:52 PM  

There was a discussion about visitor services sales.

01:43:25 PM  
There was a discussion
about the budget for Mr. Brown's Attic.  Members indicated that the
Executive Committee of the Legislative Council should be consulted should
a budget increase be considered.  The committee members discussed
the new display case and the effect on sales.  Visitor Services staff
will provide an update in November.  

Ms. Chapman pointed out the 2019 expenditure for the water bottle fountain.
 The committee members discussed consideration of another water bottle
fountain, perhaps on the second or third floor.  Legislative Council
staff will research installation and costs for the second fountain.

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