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Date Sep 11, 2023      
Location SCR 357

Perspectives from the Field - Committee Discussion Only

03:52:01 PM  

Dr. Maggie Baldwin, Colorado State Veterinarian, presented on her office's role in protecting animal and human health, as well as the food supply. She discussed the U.S. Department of Agriculture's accreditation process for veterinarians, and she discussed the need for mentorship to encourage veterinarians to practice in rural areas.

03:52:27 PM  

Dr. Melanie Marsden presented her perspectives as a veterinary hospital owner and companion animal veterinarian. She noted the importance of utilizing RVTs and VTSs in a practice, and she described her efforts to make her practice a good workplace.

03:59:17 PM  

Dr. Will French presented his perspective as an equine veterinarian. He discussed the importance of a clear Veterinary Practice Act, and he noted that veterinary students are hearing from their schools that large animal and equine practices are not sustainable.

04:04:11 PM  

Dr. Curtis Crawford presented his perspective as an associate veterinarian in a rural area (Monte Vista). He discussed his concerns with creating a VPA program, including the possibility of stagnating salaries for veterinarians and the limitations of providing supervision in rural practice.

04:13:33 PM  
Dr. Baldwin responded to questions from the committee about the sunset process for the Veterinary Practice Act. Dr. Crawford and Dr. French responded to questions about recruiting to rural practices. Dr. Marsden responded to questions about incorporating telemedicine into a veterinary practice and about creating a VPA profession. Dr. French responded to additional questions about telemedicine.
04:27:33 PM  
Vice-chair McCormick
offered closing remarks about the day's hearing. Additional materials provided
to the committee can be found in Attachments B-D.

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