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Date Nov 19, 2021      
Location HCR 0112

Union Soldier Relocation - Committee Discussion Only

01:33:07 PM  

Jason Hanson, Chief Creative Officer representing History Colorado, talked about the how the Union Soldier was relocated to the museum.  An exhibit was created, including events leading up to commemoration of the statue, creation and installation of the monument in 1909, and the meaning of the monument today.  The monument was as a point of discussion for the community and museums around the country.

01:39:01 PM  

Greg Dorman, Interim Executive Director representing the Department of Veterans and Military Affairs, talked about moving the plinth and union soldier to the department grounds.

01:40:57 PM  

Chief Officer Hanson and Director Dorman responded to questions from committee members about relocating the monument. The committee discussed the statue as an artifact and a long-term loan, rather than a complete relocation.  The removal of the cannons with the statue and base were included in the discussion.

01:44:47 PM  

The budget for moving the statute, plinthe, and cannons was discussed, $2,500 for the statute and $25,000 for the plinth.  The committee also discussed moving the statue first, with restoration later, if needed.  

01:46:22 PM  

The committee discussed moving the plaques, as well.  Mr. Dorman indicated that the statue will be on a concrete base and exhibited in the same manners as when the statue was on the Capitol grounds.  

01:48:50 PM  

Some committee members discussed their reservations with moving the statue.  A committee member suggested making the decision over several meetings with more discussion and public testimony, including veterans and the tribes.  Mr. Dorman mentioned that veteran feedback was solicited when the statue was moved to History Colorado.

01:51:36 PM  

The committee agreed to table the item until the February meeting so that feedback may be solicited.  Mr. Hanson will create a document with informal feedback from the public while the statue was on exhibit at History Colorado.  Kurt Morrison will work with Mr. Dorman on how best to let the veteran community know that the committee is interested in feedback on the movement of the statue.   History Colorado will work with Catherine Redhorse on feedback from the tribes.  Mr. Dorman will create a proposal in writing for the committee in terms of how the move will take place.

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