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Date Feb 26, 2020      
Location SCR 357

Updates from the Department of Revenue - Committee Discussion Only

07:47:49 AM  
The meeting came to order and Representative
Singer presented the meeting agenda (Attachment A).  Lu Cordova, Executive
Director the Department of Revenue (DOR), Scott McKimmey, DOR, and Debbie
Thibault, IT Director at DOR for the Governor's Office of Infromation Technology
(OIT) , gave an update on the work of DOR, including on the implementation
of Senate Bill 19-006, the assessment of GenTax and DRIVES, and the internal
IT realignment within DOR.

Director Cordova discussed ensuring the proper ownership of IT products
within DOR and the focus of the Business Innovation Group within the department
on providing satisfactory customer service.  

Director Cordova then explained the progress
on Senate Bill 19-006, Electronic Sales and Use Tax Simplification System,
and how DOR is working together with OIT's GIS section and other external

07:57:30 AM  
Director Cordova responded to questions
from the committee about complications of home-rule authority, the use
of APIs, the cost of using the system, and House Bill 20-1023, State Address
Data For Sales and Use Tax Collection.
08:04:48 AM  
Director Cordova continued the presentation
with information about the Sales and use Tax Software (SUTS) task force,
the new SUTS website, and the continued work of the task force.  The
website can be found here:

Director Cordova explained the external
assessment of the GenTax and Drives systems (Attachment B).  RTL was
the chosen vendor for this assessment and Director Cordova states that
DOR is working on an internal reorgornization to move individuals working
on GenTax into the tax section of the department.

Director Cordova and Mr. McKimmy responded to questions from the committee
about technical debt and the newly hired developers at DOR.

08:15:29 AM  
Director Cordova continued the presentation
with the work the department is doing on severance taxes, including the
possibility of online filing, simplifying the severance tax processes,
and DOR creating a working group to study simplifying these taxes.

Director Cordova responded to questions from the committee about the complications
of severance taxes, how the department is looking at severance taxes, the
reports the department is missing, and how severance taxes are currently

Jean Robison, legislative liaison for
DOR, came to the table and responded to questions from the committee about
the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Conservation Commission severance
tax forms.