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Date Sep 24, 2019      
Location Old State Library

Public Comment: Prevention Bill Draft - Committee Discussion Only

09:51:12 AM  

Steve Silvern, representing himself, discussed the morality of punishing law abiding chronic pain sufferers. Carrie Carlson, representing herself, shared her husband's story with chronic pain management and palliative care. Representative Kennedy asked the panel about the 2018 hospice and palliative care bill and noted that there are currently exemptions for chronic pain patients for the seven day limit on opioid prescriptions.

10:05:00 AM  

Dr. Don Stader, representing the Colorado Medical Society, noted opposition to regulatory language in the bill about benzodiazepines. Dr. Stader is concerned that this added physician task may get in the way of patients' access to benzodiazepines. Dr. Stader noted that there is a lack of evidence suggesting that there needs to be a query each time when prescribing benzodiazepines. Dr. Jonathan Clapp, representing the Colorado Medical Society, noted that pain psychology is very important and should be added to other therapies listed in the bill.

10:14:29 AM  

Representative Herod asked Dr. Stader and Dr. Clapp if this bill would add any undue burdens. Representative Kennedy asked about benzodiazepines. Dr. Stader noted there are risks associated with benzodiazepines and that it is a co-existing epidemic with the opioid epidemic.

10:18:15 AM  

Representative Buck asked about the work the Colorado Medical Association is doing to address training and education. Dr. Stader discussed Colorado Cures, a program for creating and implementing guidelines.

10:21:39 AM  

Dr. Lisa Pearson, representing herself, suggested including the nursing board and other boards in addition to the Medical Board that have an interest in the issue. Nita Walter, representing herself, discussed accessing care in rural Colorado and managing chronic pain. Kathy Oatis, representing the Occupational Therapy Association of Colorado, suggested adding occupational therapists and noted that occupational therapy cannot bill Medicaid so they are requesting a state waiver. Dr. Pearson noted that there is stigma associated with chronic pain and that there may need to be education for providers.

10:30:05 AM  

Representative Kennedy asked Dr. Pearson about stigma and if there are any policies allowing for this to occur. Dr. Pearson noted that there is a lot of work required to fill an opioid prescription.

10:35:23 AM  

Representative Buck asked the committee to make exceptions for chronic pain patients expressly in bill language.

10:37:41 AM  

Tracy Anselmo, representing herself, voiced concerns about a university lead collaboration. Ms. Anselmo noted that this may be better suited by expanding existing collaboration. Lawrence Hullinghurst, representing the Acupuncture Society of Colorado, discussed keeping acupuncture in the language in the bill. Jason Hoffer, Colorado Association of Health Plans, noted general concern regarding the insurance commissioner promulgating rules and with Section 2 of the bill.

10:45:07 AM  

Lauren Snyder, representing Mental Health Colorado, supports section 11 of the bill that may require providers to query regarding prescriptions other than opioids such as benzodiazepines.