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Date Nov 30, 2021      
Location Old State Library

Governor's Budget Proposal on Homelessness and Current Disbursement of Funding - Committee Discussion Only

09:12:46 AM  
Director Kristin
Toombs, representing the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) Homeless Initiatives;
Director Alison George, representing DOLA Division of Housing; and Director
Andy Hill, representing DOLA Division of Local Government, presented information
about the Governor's homeless initiative and DOLA funding for affordable
housing.  A slideshow was provided (Attachment A).  Director
Toombs provided information on the Governor's proposal surrounding homelessness.
 She outlined the proposal, $200 million from the $700 million Economic
Recovery and Relief Cash Fund.  She indicated that the Task Force
on Economic Recovery and Relief Cash Fund is making decisions on how to
spend funds, but there may be some overlap with recommendations between
task forces.
09:16:36 AM  
Director Toombs presented
that the Governor's budget proposal on homelessness includeing grants for
continuum of care in communities; funding the Denver Recovery and Ridgeview
Recovery Campuses; and data collection and outreach to understand who is
experiencing homelessness and to assess the effectiveness of programs.

09:18:10 AM  
Director Toombs outlined
the $100 million grant program, which includes additional shelters in communities
and builds off of current programs.

09:20:03 AM  
Director Toombs shared
that $45 million is proposed for the Ridge View Supportive Recovery Campus.
 She indicated that the campus allows a safe place for individuals
to work on recovery treatment and supports and is based on the Ft. Lyons
Recovery program.
09:21:22 AM  
Ms. Toombs indicated
that $50 million is proposed for the Denver Supportive Recovery Campus,
with the location of the campus still being determined.
09:22:00 AM  
Ms. Toombs talked
about the $5 million in funding for data collection and outreach to understand
the need for services and provide information and engage the target population.
 She indicated that DOLA's statewide homeless database will provide
a central location for resources and data.

09:23:10 AM  
Ms. Toombs responded to questions from committee members.
09:31:08 AM  
Director George provided
a a PowerPoint slide show (Attachment B) about about current affordable
housing funds.  Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery funds
totaling $400 million are being used for programs  such as the Colorado
Energy Office weatherization and assistance and Division of Housing programs.
 Rental assistance is provided with U.S. Treasury funds through the
Division of Housing programs and local governments.

09:34:40 AM  
Director George answered questions from committee members.
09:35:12 AM  
Ms. George explained
the division's current funding sources and eligible uses.

09:41:26 AM  
Ms. George discussed
the creation of the local official toolkit through House Bill 21-1270,
to educate and provide technical assistance to local officials related
to affordable housing.
09:42:19 AM  
Director George explained
that Senate Bill 21-242 provides funding for housing development, House
Bill 21-1329 provides $98.5 million, homeowner assistance funds provide
$175 million, and HOME ARP funds provide $24.7 million.  In addition,
the division has provided 438 emergency housing vouchers
09:43:31 AM  
Director Hill provided
information about Innovative Affordable Housing.  The division is
running several rounds of planning grants, awarding $1 million, and will
continue to meet with communities about future applications.
09:46:42 AM  
Ms. Hill indicated
that the first letters of interest for the incentive grants were accepted
and that requests exceed available funding.  The division will meet
with each of the communities that applied and additional funds will be
available in the fall of 2022.
program focuses on land acquisition, preservation of expiring housing units,
and state or public owned sites.  

09:48:30 AM  
Ms. Hill answered
questions from task force members.
09:55:06 AM  
The task force discussed
planning grants.
09:55:56 AM  
Ms. George provided
a status update on House Bill 21-1329 and Senate Bill 21-242.  Operation
turnkey provides acquisition for land, building, and services.  The
programs looks at the full scope of housing and provides up to $65 million
for projects.  
10:04:28 AM  
Ms. Hill indicated
that the division changed their rules to allow local governments to apply
for funds.  She outlined that affordable housing and investment provides
up to $70 million in low interest loans to community development financial
institutions and non profits.  Applications total above the funding
amount of $106.5 million.
10:06:34 AM  
Director George talked
a joint project with the Colorado Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) as a
partner.  Up to $25 million will be allocated to funding projects.
 Ms. George indicated that tax funds are important for new projects
and that the next round of funding will occur in the spring of 2022.  Because
the need for funds may go beyond what is available, she indicated that
the Housing Development Grant Fund may provide an alternative for funding
these projects.

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