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Date Jun 18, 2018      
Location LSB B

Discussion on House Bill 18-1232 - Committee Discussion Only

10:32:00 AM  

Bret Miles, Executive Director of the Northeast Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), spoke on the lessons learned from House Bill 18-1232. The bill concerned the creation of a new school funding distribution formula for the preschool through secondary education system.

10:34:02 AM  

Walt Cooper, Superintendent of the Cheyenne Mountain School District, provided an overview of HB 18-1232. He talked about the involvement of school districts that resulted in the support of 171 superintendents across the state.

10:39:00 AM  

Mr. Miles spoke on the importance of looking at equity for school districts. He said that the stakeholders are interested in continuing the discussion on a new school finance formula.

10:43:44 AM  

Superintendent Cooper answered a question from the committee regarding the areas of most need. He discussed the complexities involved in funding online education programs.

10:49:19 AM  

Mr. Miles answered questions from the committee regarding the impact of current Colorado Constitution tax requirements on school funding options. Superintendent Cooper discussed the current funding formula based on available revenue. He also spoke on the weighting of the formula and the issues between the state and local share.

10:57:26 AM  

The committee members continued to provide comments regarding the work done by the stakeholders of HB 18-1232 to address funding needs in the state.

11:03:13 AM  

Superintendent Cooper answered questions from the committee regarding the per pupil funding formula. He discussed the additional per pupil funding based on different factors to address specific needs of challenged learners and communities.

11:11:46 AM  

Superintendent Cooper discussed the changes in services for special needs communities.

11:15:15 AM  

The committee discussed the need to track funding to ensure that it is getting to the students as intended. Mr. Miles spoke on the accountability guidelines in HB 18-1232, specifically regarding student achievement and online education. Superintendent Cooper spoke on the impact that funding for mandated programs is having on the funding of other services in school districts.