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Date Aug 20, 2021      
Location HCR 0112

Department of Personnel and Administration and Colorado State Patrol on Building Security - Committee Discussion Only

02:17:32 PM  
Representatives from
DPA and the State Patrol provided an update on building security.  Ms.
Veitch provided a presentation (Attachment C).  She stated that a
Homeland Security assessment suggested best practices for security improvements.
 She went on to outline the recommendations, including: enhancements
to windows, doors, landscaping, and bollards.  Ms. Veitch indicated
that window enhancements are under way; and ground floor metal doors are
in the design phase and include additional restoration.
02:19:57 PM  
Ms. Veitch indicated
that landscaping is complete and lighting is underway, while the bollards
and fencing are in the design phase.  There was a discussion with
Chief Matthew Packard, representing the Colorado State Patrol (CSP), about
the need for bollards, which is a best practice around the world to deter
a vehicle intrusion.  Ms. Veitch talked about the bollards surrounding
the building and that they are historically appropriate.

02:23:16 PM  
There was discussion
about fencing around the Capitol quadrant and Lincoln Park.  Chief
Packard talked about the fencing that is recommended to keep people off
of the grass and from behaving in an inappropriate manner.  He stated
that the fence also provides the ability to close the area and create a
buffer to keep the building secure after hours.  In addition, the
chief said that the fencing may assist with filing criminal charges when
a person has acted inappropriately or trespassed, but will not block access.

02:25:35 PM  
DPA showed a video
about the appearance of the fencing.  Ms. Veitch presented that the
proposed six foot fence will have gates for access.  There was some
concern about the fence appearing as a fortress and the incorporation of
bollard chains were suggested.
02:30:48 PM  
There was a discussion
about the need for fencing around Lincoln Park.  Chief Packard stated
that the fencing will allow for the park to be secured after hours.  He
stated that while the park will be open for events, access may be controlled
in the case of security issues.  Ms. Veitch indicated that the same
fencing will be used around Lincoln Park and the Capitol quadrants.  

The members talked about continuity of design for the historic area and
DPA indicated that they are coordinating with other governmental entities
in the area.  The committee discussed that the proposed fencing looks
different from the fencing in Civic Center Park.

02:34:17 PM  
There was a discussion
about separating the fencing into two parts, Lincoln Park fencing and Capitol
quadrant fencing.  There was some concern about a fence around Lincoln
Park and a discussion about camping in the park, with the discussion including
securing the park to increase safety.

02:41:30 PM  
Chief Packard expressed
that there was some damage to the memorial in the park and indicated that
crime can increase after hours when it is dark.  He stated that the
fence helps signal that the park is closed and deters criminal activity.
 He also noted that the State Patrol has responded quickly to anyone
trying to camp in the park.
02:43:38 PM  
Chief Packard suggested
that patrol staffing levels can be maintained to deter issues in the park
during the interim, however sustaining the staffing during session could
be problematic.  The chief stated that CSP has a good partnership
with the Denver Police Department and the fencing will assist with their
02:47:50 PM  
A member suggested
that the City and County of Denver should be involved in the conversation
about Lincoln Park.
02:49:24 PM  
DPA asked the committee
to decide which fencing should be used to create a life size model.

02:50:06 PM  
The committee discussed
the various options for fencing and bollards.
03:00:24 PM  
The committee agreed
that a mock up fence using option four fencing with the bollards from option
one fencing should be built.  The committee decided that the ballustrades
that are not full length be removed from the panel and the fencing include
the decorative tops in option four fencing.

There was a discussion of the decorative quality of the fence.  DPA
will return with decorative ideas.

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