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384EEDCDA148819B872587A50062FD91 Hearing Summary


Date Dec 8, 2021      
Location Old State Library

Subpanel Policy Recommendations Review - Committee Discussion Only

11:01:16 AM  
Cathy Alderman and
Brian Rossbert provided subpanel policy recommendations to the task force
for review  (Attachments D and E).  The subpanel recommended
expanding the affordable housing tax credit, creating a standing committee
on housing and homelessness, providing funding for DOLA to expand the Statewide
Housing Needs Assessment, and ensuring sustainable funding for supportive
services and integrating these services with affordable housing.
11:05:40 AM  
Ms. Alderman responded
to questions from committee members on homelessness.
11:10:30 AM  
There was a discussion
about the the format of the proposed standing committee.  Ms. Alderman
suggested that department heads are important subject matter experts to
include in the discussion.  Mr. Rossbert suggested that the committee
may be more effective with the ability to propose legislation.

11:13:45 AM  
Ms. Alderman talked
about the sharing of best practices regarding homelessness and including
this subject in the larger housing discussion.
11:19:31 AM  
The task force discussed
how policy recommendations may become future bills.

11:24:23 AM  
The subpanel consensus
on policy recommendations was discussed.

11:26:42 AM
Motion Add the four subpanel non-funding related policy recommendations to the final task force report including, expand state housing tax credit; establish a standing committee on housing and homelessness; provide funding for DOLA to update and expand a statewide housing needs assessment; and ensure sustainable funding for supportive services and integration with affordable housing.
Moved Gonzales
Seconded Rick Garcia
Rick Garcia
Alison George
Hisey Excused
Jeff Kraft
Kristin Toombs
Will Toor
Cris White
YES: 0   NO: 0   EXC: 1   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  Pass Without Objection
11:26:43 AM  
Mr. Rossbert and
Ms. Alderman presented additional policy recommendations where the subpanel
did not achieve consensus, including: funding to evaluate the impact of
local government and state zoning and development laws on affordable housing;
short-term rentals; homelessness resolution or response; statewide contractor
licensing and land use policy; first right of refusal for renters and nonprofits
or developers; data and systems integration; workforce, and other ideas
(Attachment E).  
11:28:58 AM  
Mr. Rossbert shared
the subpanel discussion on short-term rentals, including taxing structures
and use of properties.
11:33:13 AM  
Ms. Alderman indicated
that many of the subpanel policy discussions included the inherent struggle
between state and local government control.

11:34:11 AM  
Mr. Rossbert talked
about the "other" category of recommendations.  He indicated
that time constraints limited discussions, including subjects such as construction
defect laws; land banking and land trust strategies; intergovernmental
agreements to increase the pace of projects; the continuum of affordable
housing; a public bank; and review of other state strategies for affordable
housing policies and priorities.
11:38:45 AM  
There was a discussion
about providing information on the pros and cons of specific ideas.  The
subpanel will provide documentation of conversations.  

Task Force members asked the subpanel to further address, at the December
15, 2021 subpanel meeting, policy recommendations where the subpanel was
unable to come to consensus.
11:44:37 AM  
There was a discussion
about focusing on tap fees and how fees are established. A Task Force member
asked that the subpanel discuss these fees further.
11:46:48 AM  
The chair suggested
that the subpanel to further discuss providing funds for an evaluation
of local government zoning and local and state development laws and rules
and regulations that impact the development of affordable housing.  He
asked the subpanel to work with local governments on the language of a
potential policy.
11:48:18 AM  
Representative Roberts
asked the task force to review policy recommendations before the next meeting
and discussed the addition of policies to the final report.  He asked
that short term rentals be added to the report.  The subpanel will
meet to attempt to arrive at consensus on additional policy recommendations.
 Those additional recommendations where there is consensus will be
included in the final report.

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