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Date Apr 27, 2022      
Location LSB A

SB22-113 - Referred to House Legislative Council

05:08:23 PM  
Representatives Bacon and Tipper, bill sponsors, presented Senate Bill 22-113. The bill establishes a task force to study artificial intelligence and creates accountability procedures for the use of facial recognition services by state and local governments.
05:12:05 PM  
Jake Parker, representing Security Industry Association, testified in opposition to the bill. Rebekah Charleston, representing Clearview AI, testified in opposition to the bill.
05:21:43 PM  
Mr. David Shipley, representing Colorado Information Sharing Consortium (CISC), testified in support of the bill. Ms. Christine Chang, representing self, testified in support of the bill.
05:27:28 PM  
The bill sponsors gave closing remarks. Committee members commented.

05:34:17 PM
Motion Refer Senate Bill 22-113 to the Committee on Legislative Council.
Moved Tipper
Seconded Bacon
Bacon Yes
Bernett Yes
Bockenfeld Yes
Boesenecker Yes
Bradfield No
Hooton Yes
Neville Yes
Valdez A. Yes
Woog No
Tipper Yes
Kennedy Yes
Final YES: 9   NO: 2   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS

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