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Date Aug 21, 2018      
Location HCR 0112

Public Comment - Committee Discussion Only

09:34:58 AM  

Pam Feely, Feely Consulting, discussed her concern about the financial impact of property taxes on businesses caused by the disparity in residential and nonresidential assessment rates.  She responded to questions from the committee.

09:38:06 AM  

Alan Fletcher, Fairmount Fire Rescue, described the impact on changes to the assessment rate in budgeting for a small fire district.  He discussed the complex requirements of a small department that responds to all kinds of emergency calls.

09:42:25 AM  

Don Lombardi, Colorado State Fire Chiefs, discussed the impact of changes to the residential assessment rate on fire departments.  Many departments are trying to plan for a likely decline in revenue and deciding where to cut services. He indicated he was aware of several fire departments that are planning to submit local ballot questions to request funding increases.  He responded to questions from the committee.

09:56:35 AM  

Mr. Lombardi continued to respond to questions from the committee regarding local mill levy elections being considered by some fire districts to help maintain current funding levels.

10:04:08 AM  

Ken Brownlee, Mesa County Assessor, discussed the disparity between residential and nonresidential property taxes.  He described the challenges of coordinating local ballot questions with the timing of when rates are set.

10:10:05 AM  

Richard Elsner, Park County Commissioner, made comments about the legislative options the committee has discussed to address issues with the Gallagher Amendment.  He expressed support for allowing localities to float their mill levies.  He responded to questions from the committee.

10:24:44 AM  

Tony Gagliardi, National Federation of Independent Businesses, discussed the number of small businesses in the state and how small business is defined.  He noted that his organization has coordinated discussions among small business owners about ways to address issues created by the Gallagher Amendment.  Mr. Gagliardi responded to questions from the committee.

10:37:00 AM  

JoAnn Groff, Property Tax Administrator, discussed her concerns with the impact of Initiative #93 on any potential adjustments to the residential assessment rate.  She responded to questions from the committee.

10:44:50 AM  

Christina Lara, Northwestern Railroad Construction Services, described her experience as a small business owner and the impact of increases in nonresidential property tax rates on maintaining her business in the state.  She responded to questions from the committee.

10:52:41 AM  

TJ Steck, Elizabeth Fire District and multiple rural fire districts, discussed his community's decision to hold an election for increasing funding for the district.  He described the challenge of bringing a ballot issue with such a quick turn around.

11:00:34 AM  

The committee recessed.

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