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Date Jan 6, 2022      
Location Old State Library

Task Force Report Review - Committee Discussion Only

11:27:45 AM  
Jacob Bornstein, representing Wellstone Collaborative Strategies, presented the draft report (Attachment B).
11:30:03 AM  
Task force members
expressed appreciation for Wellstone's work on the report.

11:32:51 AM  
A task force member
asked that on page seven of the report, regarding recommendations for funding,
that the percentages within sub-areas of the larger areas be removed.  Mr.
Bornstein deleted the percentages related to sub areas.
11:37:40 AM  
Director George talked
about additions to Appendix E: Additional Reports.  She indicated
that a number of reports were provided that should be included, such as
Affordable Housing Policy Recommendations from the Strategic Housing Working
Group, Findings of the Special Eviction Task Force, and Housing-Related
Relief Funding Overview from DOLA.  
11:39:22 AM  
Director Toor, suggested
adding a paragraph about housing and energy in the foundational framework
section.  A member pointed out that page three includes information
about sustainability in the definition of affordable housing.  Director
Toor suggested additional language to be placed in the Definition of Affordable
11:43:27 AM  
A task force member
proposed removing references to rental assistance within the description
of the revolving loan fund and removing the Governor's strong communities
proposal from nonprofit and local government grants.

11:45:06 AM  
A member suggested
that, with regard to intergovernmental agreements, adding the phrase "the
requirement of" after the word "Eliminate" based on previous
11:45:37 AM  
A member suggested
adding the phrase "and access to critical supportive services"
after the word "housed" at the top of page three in the second

11:51:33 AM
Motion Add the language "It is important that new affordable housing investments are strategically located and constructed in ways that will both reduce residents' overall costs of living, by minimizing expenditures for energy and transportation, and will support the state's goals for reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions." to the Guidance on Establishing Recommendations section in the Be Sustainable bullet in the draft task force report.
Moved Will Toor
Seconded Rick Garcia
Bridges Yes
Rick Garcia Yes
Alison George Yes
Hisey No
Jodeh No
Pico No
Kristin Toombs Yes
Will Toor Yes
Chantal Unfug Yes
Cris White Yes
Woodrow Yes
Woodward No
Woog No
Zenzinger Yes
Gonzales No
Roberts No
YES: 9   NO: 7   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS
11:51:38 AM  
A member suggested
adding language to the CHFA Missing Middle Access Program on page 12.  Mr.
Bornstein will add language to the description.
11:52:41 AM  
A member noted that
on page 11, in the modular housing section, the language about funding
from the Task Force on  Economic Recovery and Relief Cash Fund should
be removed.
11:54:19 AM  
A member asked that
on page 11, in the modular housing section, the title for Governor's proposal,
Innovative Housing Incentive Program, be used.

11:55:49 AM  
There was a discussion
about the transmittal letter (Attachment C).  The letter will be included
in the report as drafted.
12:01:38 PM  
Task force members
made comments about report.

12:04:46 PM
Motion Adopt the draft task force report as amended.
Moved Gonzales
Seconded Woodrow
Bridges Yes
Rick Garcia Yes
Alison George Yes
Hisey Yes
Jodeh Yes
Pico No
Kristin Toombs Yes
Will Toor Yes
Chantal Unfug Yes
Cris White Yes
Woodrow Yes
Woodward Yes
Woog No
Zenzinger Yes
Gonzales Yes
Roberts Yes
YES: 14   NO: 2   EXC: 0   ABS:  0   FINAL ACTION:  PASS

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