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Date Jul 13, 2021      
Location Old State Library

Department of Revenue Updates - Committee Discussion Only

02:25:01 PM  
Josh Pens, Colorado Department
of Revenue, provided an update on the Sales and Use Tax Simplification
(SUTS) System. A copy of the presentation slides can be found here:

Mr. Pens responded
to questions from task force members regarding the status of cities that
are not on the SUTS system yet, what further improvements are being made
to the system, why there are so many businesses that have registered but
not yet used the system, and what the department is doing to advertise
the availability of the system to the business community.
03:02:02 PM  
Executive Director Mark
Ferrandino, Colorado Department of Revenue, Mr. Pens, and members of the
task force discussed business licensing requirements in home-rule cities.
03:03:46 PM  
Task force members continued
with a discussion of the goals of the task force.

Mr. Paul Archer outlined the following goals that he hopes the task force
addresses:  1.) business licensing requirements; 2.) remittance simplification;
3.) a more reliable geographic information system (GIS); 4.) common definitions;
and 5.) audits.  Mr. Archer also discussed his desire to see an increase
in the usage and capabilities of the SUTS system.
03:07:44 PM  
Meghan Dollar discussed
the work of CML to work with cities on the issues discussed previously.
03:08:32 PM  
Senator Woodward discussed
his goals to set the next metric that the SUTS system should accomplish
(e.g., potentially setting a timeframe to have X number of cities sign
onto the SUTS system) and to set aggressive goals on business participation
in the SUTS system.

Director Ferrandino discussed DOR's wildly important goals that relate
to the SUTS system, as outlined in the department's FY 2021-22 Performance
Plan, which can be found here:
03:11:11 PM  
Mr. Pens and Director
Ferrandino responded to questions from task force members related to the
future plans for Revenue Online.

Mr. Ryan Woods discussed the issue of the cap placed by the legislature
on vendor fees, which potentially makes it difficult for large businesses
to fund the API improvements and other integrations that are needed to
connect their current systems with the SUTS system.
03:17:02 PM  
Mr. Pens continued his
presentation with a discussion of the impact of Senate Bill 21-282, Continue
Small Business Destination Sourcing Exemption.

Mr. Pens responded to questions from the task force members regarding the

Mr. Woods discussed his desire to find alternate ways to apportion the
tourism district taxes and tobacco taxes on the state's return and the
issue with DOR's use of site-based reporting.

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