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Date May 2, 2022      
Location SCR 357

HB22-1122 - Lay Over

06:35:06 PM  
House Bill 22-1122
was initially heard at the committee's April 28, 2022 meeting. Public testimony
was taken at that time and the bill was laid over for action only. Senator
Jaquez Lewis, prime bill sponsor, presented House Bill 22-1122, which requires
pharmacy benefit managers to reimburse pharmacies at certain rates, and
also creates the 340B Prescription Drug Program Anti-Discrimination Act,
which, among its provisions, prohibits a third party that reimburses a
340B covered entity for 340B drugs from imposing fees, charge backs, or
other adjustments on covered entities or contract pharmacies based on their
participation in the 340B drug pricing program, or requiring a claim for
a drug to include a modifier to indicate that the drug is a 340B drug unless
the claim is for payment, directly or indirectly, by the Medicaid program.
Senator Fields laid over House Bill 22-1122 until after House Bill 22-1203.

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