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Date Jan 30, 2019      
Location Old State Library

Presentation from Governor Polis Regarding Full-day Kindergarten - Committee Discussion Only

08:13:22 AM  

The committee members introduced themselves to the audience.

08:17:00 AM  

Representative Wilson introduced Governor Polis, who was present to discuss his plan for full-day kindergarten.

08:20:41 AM  

Governor Polis began his discussion on full-day kindergarten (FDK) with an overview of how the state currently funds kindergarten. He discussed how many parents cannot afford FDK for their children, and how other districts currently fund FDK. He discussed the inequities of providing FDK and explained the difference between how Title 1 schools fund FDK and how schools that do not receive Title 1 funding are able to fund FDK.

08:25:53 AM  

Governor Polis stated that funding FDK can still be accomplished while also buying down the budget stabilization factor.  He continued to discuss the specifics of the budget process for funding FDK.

08:29:41 AM  

Governor Polis answered questions from the committee regarding his plan for FDK, and stated that funding FDK would not have an impact on the current budget stablilization factor.

08:33:20 AM  

Governor Polis responded to questions regarding how districts are currently funding FDK and about districts that have needs involving capital construction and facilities. He explained that his current plan includes an additional, one-time appropriation that would help districts implement FDK, which includes money to pay for one-time costs such as desks, classrooms, and other capital necesseties.  He answered qusestions about FDK curriculum.

08:40:02 AM  

Governor Polis continued to answer questions about buying down the budget stablization factor in future years, the overall impact of providing FDK to students, and other budget specifics.

08:47:54 AM  

Governor Polis made concluding comments regarding FDK and committee discussion ensued.