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Date Oct 30, 2019      
Location LSB A

Public Testimony on Draft Legislation - Committee Discussion Only

10:09:25 AM  

Representative Benavidez invited members of the public to address the committee concerning draft legislation.

10:09:34 AM  

Brian Casey, Kallene West, Marc Solome, and Renee Bernhard testified in opposition to draft Bill 1. Mr. Casey, representing Thrivent, testified in opposition to draft Bill 1 and advocated that the committee retain the insurance premium tax exemption for fraternal organizations. He presented a letter in support of Thrivent from Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver (Attachment A).

10:15:50 AM  

Ms. Bernhard, representing Foster Source, testified in opposition to draft Bill 1. She explained that her business supports foster parents and purchases insurance from Thrivent, which benefits from the insurance premium tax exemption that would be repealed under draft Bill 1.

10:22:12 AM  

Ms. West, representing Modern Woodmen, testified in opposition to draft Bill 1. Her organization supports youth programming in southern Colorado and also purchases insurance coverage through a fraternal organization.

10:25:09 AM  

Mr. Solome, representing the Knights of Columbus, testified in opposition to draft Bill 1. He presented the history of his organization, which provides insurance coverage to some of its members and their spouses.

10:42:30 AM  

Mr. Casey provided hard copies of a letter from the American Fraternal Alliance that he had previously sent to committee members (Attachment B) and a document entitled "Legislative History of the Fraternal Benefit Society Tax Exemption in Colorado" (Attachment C).

10:54:45 AM  
Chaer Robert, representing the Colorado Center
on Law and Policy, testified in support of draft Bill 16, concerning child
care expenses income tax credits. She testified that the bill would correct
a coverage gap in the two credits available under current law. Ms. Robert
provided a handouts titled "The Self-Sufficiency Standard 2018"
for different counties (Attachment D) and a report titled "The Self-Sufficiency
Standard for Colorado 2018" (Attachment E).
11:03:32 AM  

Michelle Colin, representing the Office of the State Auditor, testified regarding draft Bill 18, concerning the creation of a tax commission. Ms. Colin recommended that the bill be amended to clarify her office's staff assistance responsibilities on page 5, line 17, of the bill draft, and to exclude her office from the ability to receive gifts, grants, and donations as a commission member, which language begins on the bottom of page 11 of the bill draft.

11:08:32 AM  

The committee took a recess.