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Date Jul 31, 2018      
Location HCR 0112

Member Discussion - Committee Discussion Only

01:08:03 PM  

The chair discussed the process for coming up with values for education in the state.

01:09:37 PM  

The committee members discussed the ideas of equity, full-day kindergarten, performance outcomes, early childhood education, and performance outcomes.

01:18:01 PM  

The committee discussed the purview of the committee and the importance of local control and accountability standards. Members discussed the need to address the concerns of local school districts, superintendents, students, parents, and individual schools.

01:30:15 PM  

Committee members discussed what other states are doing to address the needs of schools and students.

01:40:01 PM  

The committee discussed missing resources for student achievement and the importance of having high quality teachers in the classroom.

01:50:02 PM  

The committee discussed the importance of more money in the classroom and higher pay for highly effective teachers, and how that is achieved. Representative Hamner spoke on the values of the current system. Representative Buckner spoke on the need to provide resources for teachers, students, and parents.

01:59:43 PM  

Members spoke on the issues of attitude, meaning, competence, and inclusion in education.

02:08:10 PM  

Committee members discussed equity, excellence, and opportunity for student achievement.

02:18:52 PM  

Committee discussion ensued.

02:28:27 PM  

The committee discussed the current school finance formula and the need to move forward with identifying a new school finance formula.

02:33:02 PM  

Mr. Seder spoke on the principles identified by FourPoint Education Partners. He discussed values versus mechanics. The chair spoke on the values of excellence and flexibility missing from the principles.

02:48:08 PM  

Mr. Seder provided a debrief on the discussion.